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Thread: DF236 FSX Update for those with Vista Issues

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    Default DF236 FSX Update for those with Vista Issues

    For the few of you having issues with the Dakota in Vista 32, please try this gauge update.

    NOTE: Consider this to be "beta" until we get feedback from you in this thread.

    Download the update here:


    1. Unzip the file to a folder of your choice. Open the folder and look inside where you will find the following (2) files: df236.dll and rxp-DF236-Setup.exe.

    2. Copy the df236.dll to the FSX/Gauges folder and overwrite the existing df236.dll

    3. To play it safe, open up the FSX/Gauges folder and delete the following (3) files from it:

    rxpFLN.df236.dll, rxpFLT.df236.dll, and rxpGNS.df236.dll

    3. Run the rxp-DF236-Setup.exe installer to install the revised Reality XP gauges that you deleted above.


    ** When running the RXP installer there is NO need to re-install the Garmin trainer.

    ** This Update does NOT include the new Reality XP 32 bit GNS430W. This will follow in a later update.

    ** It is also important that you have read and followed the instructions concerning use of the Garmin Trainer in Vista, located in this thread:

    Please report your findings to this thread.

    Thank you!
    Lou Betti

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    Default Works Perfectly!!!

    Hi Lou,

    Installed your update Beta for the RXP Garmin. I used my existing Garmin installation which was exactly as it came originally, not with the Trainer in the GNS 430 folder.

    Started up FSX and selected a previously saved flight with the Dakota. Came right up. Then selected another airplane and it worked, then selected the Dakota again while airborne with the previous plane and it worked perfectly. Tried downloading weather, using the flight planner and every possible situation I could dream up and the Dakota loaded perfectly. Then, for my grand finale and last attempt and crashing FSX, I closed FSX, loaded up another airplane other than the Dakota, took off and flew around a bit, then selected the Dakota in mid flight and it loaded just as though it was an FSX default aircraft.

    From my perspective, the Dakota looks completely fixed for us Vista 32 types with some sort of anomally operating system.

    I should add, however, just for the record, that pursuant to working with getting this terrific addon aircraft to work, I had previously turned off User Account Control, given every permission possible to running FSX, and made myself a complete administrator for my Vista 32 operating system via a DOS command. And, I turned off DEP. Additionally, I had downloaded and installed the stand alone Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 update to Windows Vista (465 Megabytes worth). I am thoroughly happy to have done all of this as I feel it has made Vista now a far better to work with operating system. A local computer GURU type working with Information Technology at Walmart told me that Service Pack 1 for Vista would do a lot to speed up disk access times and a bunch of other techno babble stuff I had no clue about and it seems he was right as I am running FSX faster than ever before and great frame rates with the Dakota 2D or 3D panel and using the Garmin 430 windowed or not.

    Thanks again so much for what I consider to be the best General Aviation addon to FSX I have ever seen, IMHO!

    Best of luck to all of you at Dreamfleet! So very much looking forward to the Arrow!

    Bob, Rogers, Arkansas, KROG, home of Walmart Aviation

    My system specs:
    Windows Vista 32 with Service Pack 1
    Intel Q6600 @ 2.4
    Nvidia GT 8800
    4 Megs Corsair RAM
    CH Yoke and Pedals
    9 GoFlight Modules (MCP, 3 P-8, 2 166A, LGT, T-8, GF-45)
    Triplehead To Go
    3 Hanns-G 19 inch LCD monitors

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    Doesn't fix the blank gauges in my VC

    Money back cutoff date is approaching. Such a shame really; I had high hopes.

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    Did you read / follow what Razorback said above?
    Lou Betti

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    Yes. UAC is off; every conceivable right has been assigned; FS is installed away from the C: drive; DLL.XML has been reordered, but no difference.

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    Also, can you please do this:

    1. Right-click on fsx.exe (or fs9.exe)
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Click the Compatibility tab.
    4. Select the Disable visual themes checkbox.

    It seems this might cause the problem.


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    I made several flights this morning and did NOT experience the hard crash from the original release. So far it looks good. Thanks.


    Velocity Micro Quad 9450 (stock)
    EVGA 8800GT 512
    4 gig Corsair Mem
    Vista Home SP1
    FSX SP2/w Acceleration

    Windows Defender and UAC have been turned off before FSX was installed.

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    Default Problem with UAC

    Patch works fine with UAC off.
    After that, if I active UAC, CTD. OK.
    Then, if I desactive UAC, still CTD !
    At that point, I have to desinstall Garmin 400 Series Trainer and execute the patch again.
    After that, if UAC is on, works fine again.
    Will it be possible to use Garmin with UAC off/on/off (or on always) ?
    (Sorry for my bad english).

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    Hi Jean-Luc,
    I have done all of the above, and it has made some improvements, I can make short flights as long as I load the default Cessna 172 first.

    Problems seam to arise if you “click too many buttons” for example using the GPS makes the sim unstable. If you use the Configuration Panel and then try to save your changes you will then get a crash to desktop.

    Do you have any more suggestions?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

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    Please, read "After that, if UAC is off, works fine again" (and not "After that, if UAC is on, works fine again").

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