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Thread: Newcomers -- What Brought You To FS?

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    I'm Den. 45, 3 daughters etc. Off work due to heart failure and as many have said love planes.

    I have Flight Simulator 1998 right now but haven't really played it to be honest as I haven't had it installed ina few years. This P.C. is used by 5 of us so can't really use it for "gaming" sims etc.

    I'm more a carguy actually and have been discovering the various race sims and am picking up a PC this week to get started on playing beyond my PS2. Hahahaaa. This old thing is a P3 and still has Windows 98 so even if I could use it all the time........

    Anywaaaayssssss. I actually found this forum on the suggestion of Tysmyster at I haven't had time to really explore much but hopefully next week, that will be solved. I have a LOT to learn!

    I also figure I'll have to get a copy of FS2004 as I doubt there's much interest in 1998 here eh? I'll probably install it anyways for now until I can get 2004, and then will be coming around more to try to get off the ground, literally!!

    So, that pretty much covers it and so far this seems to be a decent place to hang out. I know that on the automotive sim forums I've been on recently, there is a real good feeling unlike many forums and it seems to be here also. Thank you.

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    Good day from Ca.the fascination with flight. I previouisaly usaed Micro soft back in 2004 but quit after a yr or so.But I am back and would like to learn more details OR how too's!
    A self taught 747-800 fan, I beleive I have the basics with departing, landing, flight plans and auto pilot .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruiser View Post

    In the 1980s, I played a DOS version of FS. I can't remember the version but it was a lot of fun even though it was hard to find time to use the sim.

    Me too. I started simming in 1983 with the Apple II Pro-DOS version of Bruce Artwick's Flight Simulator (before Micro$oft bought it from him, and reworked it into FS v.1 for DOS). I still have the 5-1/4" floppy disk, manual, and the heavy duty "ziplock" bag it all came in from Computerland. Those early versions required a bit of user imagination as the graphics were rather simple. I was hooked, and have flown flight sims regularly for the past 36 years. Back then, I flew flight sims for the fun and to motivate the "what if" possibilities so often dreamt up in the corners of my young mind. These days, I fly flight sims to keep my vestibulation (balance) and hand-eye coordination in tune.

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    Have a good day everyone!
    I write from Spain and I don't know English. I apologize for the mistakes
    I like airplanes since I was a child in 1955. And I started with Flight Simulator in 1989? I've used fl fs1989, fx2004 until I lost it, fsx until I lost it, fsx steam edition, but it's in English and I don't like it. But finally I got the fsx in a thrift shop and now I have discovered
    Delighted to read you. Greetings

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