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Thread: Newcomers -- What Brought You To FS?

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    Default Newcomers -- What Brought You To FS?

    This thread is aimed at newcomers who have been reading in the forums but have been shy about posting. Let's see what happens if we ask that only newcomers to post to this particular thread, my hope being that a conversation among newcomers alone will emerge ...


    What has brought you into the hobby? One of the very interesting aspects of FS is that there are many, many different ways to enjoy it. What do you hope to experience and/or to accomplish?

    And where are you from, geographically? And what do you do in the real world? And so on. Tell us about yourself. Remember, no need to be shy or to feel intimidated, nobody but newcomers will post in this thread.


    If questions arise during this conversation, please start new threads to handle them. Let's try to keep this thread open only to newcomers.
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    Hello from Wisconsin,
    As a former Private, Instrument rated pilot, I (still) am instreted in keeping up the skills learned while flying Cessna and Piper aircraft. Instrument flying is my main interest but first had to get the computer 'innerds' up to the task. This is where the Flight Simm forum was found. Thanks for all the information from everyone concerned. You are all the most helpful group I've ever found.

    Paul (414Scootermon)
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    Hello from Maryland:

    I've always been fascinated by planes since I was a kid and I can't explain why. I'm one of those guys who goes to my local airport here in Frederick and just sit and watch the 172s and lears take off and land.

    As for FS, it's probably the closest thing I'll get to the real thing. Some of my gamer friends would consider it boring cause you're not shooting at something, but I tend to enjoy simulator games. The fun has been getting proficient in instrument operation and navigating. Calling FS a game does not accurately describe it.

    I'm not into just flying around for the heck of it, so I've been flying to the different NASCAR events around the country since I'm into NASCAR. I guess I need a purpose to my flying. Will probably get Cargo Pilot this weekend to accomplish that end since I've read good reviews here.

    I'm a freelance web developer and designer.

    -- Mike

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    Howdy from Calgary:

    Haven't used FS since FS3 way back in my ol' Commodore 64 days when I thought a single white line against a blank green landscape was a thrill to fly over.

    Didn't think I wanted to get into flight simming until I bought FS9 only because of the reduced price. Now about 70-80% of the time I spend on my PC is flying. 90% of the time I fly commercial IFR flights and only fly from and to airports that that I have downloaded updates for.

    I currently work as a PeopleSoft Technical Analyst.

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    Howdy Folks,
    Just stumbled on this one about giving some personal info and reasons for getting into FS, so here goes.
    Having always wanting to be a real pilot but being born at the wrong time and not coming from a background where driving for goals was stressed I missed the window. Getting involved with computers in the late '70s and interested in games I began buying PC games including an FS version that still had SubLogic on the box. Don't know the version but have collected and played with it off and on over the years, but nothing serious with long lapses inbetween.
    This past Christmas, while visiting with our kids, my 10 year old grandson asked if I had any knowledge of FS2004. I showed him a couple of things I knew, I have about 2 hours of actual time in a 1946 Aronca in the mid '60s. This peeked my interest in this program to the point I decided it was time to take it seriously and have been trying to learn how to fly FS properly for the past 5 months.
    I can't say much for the lessons in FS2004 as they seem to end early and so far the Taxi Lesson won't even start, so my progression towards the solo are at a stand still till I find some answers about how to get through the lessons.
    I really enjoy reading the posts in the different forums here but don't spend as much time as I should because these old eyes get tired very quickly, so I just continue to take off from my local airport and fly down the road to a nice lillte dirt strip about 50 miles south where I practice landing. I have got to the point where I don't bounce any longer, but don't know how long it will be before I think I might be ready for the solo run.
    My goal for FS2004 is to be able to comptently fly the Aero Commander anywhere in the US, and yes I have already downloaded it and several repaints.
    I have also purchased FSUIPC but haven't figured out how to get my CH Yoke & Pedals properly programmed to work correctly with it; this is on my desktop PC. I currently just fly on the laptop with an MS Sidewinder.
    I fly out of Boulder City Muni B61 and my favorit landing spot is Cal-Nev-Ari (Kidwell 1L4) dirt strip in Southern Nevada.
    As far as what I do, well I'm really good at taking up space and not much else Gave up Corporate America back in '98 due to lack of interest and the fact that my ex got remarried which was one hell of a raise in income
    So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    The General (AKA Dave Patton)

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    Default Hello from FL

    My wife and I are GA pilots as we get older 70's medicals get a little harder to get as does the 150.00 pr hr wet to fly. Have flown Fly Sym over the years currently FSX. Built a new machine Q6600 XP Home 8600GTS 2G Ram CH Fighter stick no rudders yet. Have a lot of Friends who are gamers but they don't fly. It's hard to explain to them why some things are needed. Transitioning to jets keep getting voice that say overcontrolling, too high or low and nothing I see confirms that. I may not even have my hand on the stick and I'm told overcontrolling.So many questions. FSX is such a "bear" or hog. that I sometimes think we underbuilt. So many thoughts and questions for the next time. Great site. Thanks.

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    Dave, if your eyes get tired quickly looking at a computer screen you may need (new/different) glasses.
    Best go see an optometrist or eye doc and tell them, they may be able to help you.

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    I do use computer glasses and the Doc. told me last Nov that my current pair are just fine as my eyes haven't changed.
    I think it's just plain being in the Golden Years and everything is getting worn out! I still think that whoever coined that phrase must have had one crappy childhood!

    The General

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    Well I guess you can all have a good laugh on this one, while updating my neighbors anti-virus software he asked if I could increase the size of the type in his emails. I showed him how and then came home to check this site and it suddenly dawned on me to check the type size here, bigger makes quite a difference So I guess I'll spend the rest of the day looking for me dunce cap
    thanks for the assistance folks!
    The General

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    Hi all, my name is Murray and I'm a 31 year old living in Tasmania. I'm a bank manager by day and a fanatical gamer by night.

    I'm not sure why I downloaded FSX other than perhaps early memories of wanting to be a fighter pilot as a kid. In the end I grew up to be 6'10" so I figured I might not fit!

    I love everything about FSX. I'm working my way through the lessons with Rob Machado and once I've gone through them all I'll go through them again and again and again. Right now I need to work on my landings as I can't quite get the grip of the long and slow descent. I have turned autorudder off though as I find I naturally apply torque when banking.

    I'm also a huge fan of a game called Project Reality. Its a conversion for the battlefield 2 game however it is for mature and teamwork minded players only. I think anyone with the patience for a flight sim should also try out a war sim (as that's how it's used by professional armies). You can find more information here;

    Anyway, big fan of the forums, I've not seen a single troll yet. Really looking forward to receiving your advice, because I know I'm going to need to ask for it!


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