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Thread: Making an old Jeppesen FS-200 Panel usable for FS2004

  1. Default Making an old Jeppesen FS-200 Panel usable for FS2004

    Panels are really expensive.
    Lucky is, who has the options and skills to build one on his own.

    I found an old Jeppesen FS-200 Panel (build 1991) in ebay and bought it for
    38 Euros. Of course there is no suport or drivers for windows. But it is a good basis.

    Buy a USB keyboard for another 6 Euros and solder cables on each pin of the board inside.

    In general a keyboard works this way:

    There are app. 14 upper cables and 14 lower cables. The combination of the upper and lower cables defines which letter appears.

    For example:

    Cable 1 connected with cable 2 is letter A.
    Cable 1 connected with cable 3 is letter B

    In the end each cable is responsible for app. 8 letters. Which one you can find out in WORD or something. Just hold them together and see which letter appears:

    Write down all letters on a sticker and glue them on the cable.
    Next is to spread all cables with the stickers on the bottom of the panel with the end of the cable upwards.

    Now work on the board, solder cables on each button, add or replace switches and buttons and make a table, which button you want to use with which letter. Of course it makes no sense to use a combination with Shift or Alt, als you can only press one key with a button.

    Solder the cables to the ends of your keyboard cables. Each letter has two cables, so sweep through the stickers and search theses, where you wrote the same letters on it.

    Try to place the ways of the cables that you are still able to keep the overview. Placing them along the side of the panel will keep the middle clear.
    If you just spread them across you will have problems to solder later.

    If you want to replace the order of the buttons or add some, just scan the front of the panel and repaint it in GIMP or Photoshop. Print it on photopaper, cut the buttons out and cover it with adhasive foil.

    As you can see, I reorganized the Autopilot buttons, replaced two switches and added buttons for lights, battery, avionics etc,

    Now you can usw it like a USB Keyboard, place it where you want and be happy to be able to use 40 Buttons without the keyboard and have not spent more than 80 Euros

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  2. Default

    Hi, in general it is perfectly simple.

    As you said all buttons have 4 pins. I used the upper ones as they are connected when you press it. The switches have 3 pins on one side. If you turn it, the left and the right are connected. I didnīt find out what the others are for but I didnīt need them.

    I connected the three upper switches in a row, as they have the same function (+ and - on the Com, Nav or ADF)

    To find out which pins to use on the motherboard you can take a multimeter and turn it into the mode that it shows you when the two measure cables of it are connected. Then you hold them on the pins you want to test. If you press the button or turn the switch and the multimeter beeps, you have found the pins to solder the cables to.
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    I think the Keyboard doesnīt mind which way it works. Remember - you do not change it in its function, you just change the way the "buttons" are pressed.

  4. Thumbs up more on fs200

    Dear Friend

    I have the fs 200 console by jeppesen but it is the adv version with throttles .Do i use the same method for the throttles like the rotary knobs ?or else how do i connect them ? is the attached schematic correct ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ps2 klyeboard motherboard.jpg 
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  5. Default

    Try this here:

    You can avoid the keyboard hack and the bowl of spagetti. You won't get key ghosting either as these are all direct inputs.

  6. Default Joystick Controller BU0836X


    This universal controller, do i connect all my rotary ,momentary,or slide potentiometers ? in the same connection i connect any of the above or there is a special connection for each type.


  7. Default


    I'm just trying to find the jeppesen FS200 advanced drivers, even for windows 95 or latest.
    5i've asked jeppesen, they can't help)

  8. Default Jeppensen gear on Windows XP? It works!

    Hi all: I got this complete system from a friend. I read many articles that stated that the system would work only on Win95 and Win 98. So I installed Windows 98 on my 1.6 gHz emachine to run FlitePro. It all works well and the harware is detected This is the Jeppensen Pro system with ruder pedals, control system and Yoke connected to the serial port.

    I then decided to try the complete system on Windows XP and Flite Pro is also able to detect the hardware. The program runs stable and all seams normal.

    I have one question. This program is only showing the rerrein as a flat green surface and it does this also on Windows 98. Is the program supposed to show any terrain details? If you can post a photo of the display I would appreciate it!


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    Very clever, Roadrunner! I'm gonna start paying very close attention to stuff you do here, this is terrific!

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    Very nice Roadrunner. I'm using a keyboard IC as well. It took two keyboards as I was using too big a gun and solder on the first one. I'm using HIDMacro.exe to input the commands strait into simconnect. It's a pretty sweet application. If you haven't tried it you might want to check it out. Using it allows me to maintain full usage of my main keyboard. Pretty important for online flight.
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