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    It might be good for you new (or shy) folks coming to this forum to be aware of certain available resources in the family. This information is NOT provided to discourage you from asking questions here. It IS provided to help you understand what resources are available and also to help you find resources that might be mentioned in some of the answers you received. It can also be useful to provide a place to go for further research, if you wish, after getting an answer.

    One very good resource is the Flightsim Wiki which has several sections. Besides the link here, note that you can always access the Wiki via the small word Wiki in the blue bar above (it's a link). Perhaps the most useful Wiki section for new folks would be the FAQ Section which includes:

    • FSX FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about FSX
    • FS2004 FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about FS2004
    • FS2002 FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about FS2002
    • FS2000 FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about FS2000. This FAQ also contains some good real aviation information, though not as much of it and not as complete as in the FS98 FAQ mentioned below.
    • FS98 FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about FS98, many of which also pertain to most versions of FS since then, and also has some pretty good information on real world aviation and flying techniques which pertain to both FS and the real world, though it's not as complete or as thorough as the Flying Techniques and Real Aviation FAQ mentioned below.
    • Scenery FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about Scenery
    • Flying Techniques and Real Aviation FAQ
      While this section is primarily about real world aviation, it also mostly applies to operations in almost any version of Flight Simulator (or X-Plane, for that matter). It contains the following sections:

      * Basic Aircraft Control
      * Takeoff and Landing
      * Maneuvers
      * Navigation
      * Traffic Patterns
      * Career and Flight Training
      * Books That Should Be On Every Pilot's Bookshelf
      * Online Books For Pilots
      * Glossary
      Note that there is also another glossary on the Wiki (see below).
      * Miscellaneous

      This FAQ also contains within it many references (and associated links) to appropriate other resources, such as the Wikipedia (see below) and a number of FAA site pages, including some of their training manuals. Following up with these links can provide a wealth of additional information.
    • Using FlightSim.Com FAQ
      Answers some questions specifically about using the sites

    Also useful might be the Wiki HowTo Section which includes a few of the HowTo articles that have been brought over from the FlightSim.Com How To's.

    As mentioned above, there are actually two Glossaries on the Wiki. One is in the Flying Techniques and Real Aviation FAQ and pertains to terms used within the remainder of the Flying Techniques and Real Aviation FAQ, mostly real aviation terms, while the other is accessible from the main menu on the left side of the Wiki page(s) and pertains largely to FS terms, a number of which are also real aviation terms. So there is some degree of duplication, but even for the same term, one of the Glossaries may offer a bit more information than the other one does.

    Another good resource is the Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. While there is some controversy over its accuracy in some entries, I've found that its accuracy in real aviation is pretty good (I've used it a LOT).

    Again, this information is provided for whatever use you wish to make of it, and is NOT intended to discourage you from asking questions here. Indeed, we encourage questions, no matter how "silly" they may seem. Here, as in real aviation, the only silly (or dumb) question is the one that doesn't get asked. After all, EVERYONE started new with little information at one time or another.
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    Larry N.

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    To reiterate:

    Noone asking a question here needs to search through all of our FAQ's, databases and WIKIs. Ask whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like, and we'll do our best to provide any answers we can.
    Though we've recorded and archived the answers to most questions, our greatest resources are the great number of experienced members here that can answer just about any questions.

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