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Thread: Welcome To Military Flight Sims

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    Have you tried Falcon 4.0 BMS or Free Falcon? The makers of those mods did fiddle around with the source code, so it might run smoother on newer windows platforms.

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    Brand new to the Forum, can someone tell me some good Combat flight Sims for Windows 10 standalone computer... Satellite internet does not like internet gameplay...

    I have CFS3 but can't get it to work... Also have F-16, Mig 29, and FSX which all work with Thrustmaster T flight Hotas X controller

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    I have a few flight sims
    does anyone play MicroProse F117 and F19 stealth fighter
    IL2 1946, Cliffs of Dover, and Blitz
    LOMAC and FC, DCS Black Shark
    Wings over Vietnam
    Mig Alley
    B17 Flying Fortress

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    I was in a Drone Squadron in the USAF from 1956 - 60. We had many B-17s and flew them
    over the Gulf near Panama City Fl and White Sands NM as target drones.

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