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Thread: Looking for site/thread on how to make FS2004 run better

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    Default Looking for site/thread on how to make FS2004 run better

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a site or a thread that has all sorts of tips on how to make FS2004 run faster/better. I had it bookmarked but lost it. Tried searching but takes ages to get through it all.

    Anybody care to post a good link?


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    Default Getting FS2004 to run better

    Hi. There are countless articles on this, and to point you to any specific one is difficult. To start off, do a search on FRAME RATES or FPS, because this is where it all starts. But here are just a few general tips.

    1. The frame rate is how frequently the screen updates and the higher the frame rate, the more smoothly FS2004 will run. While you are running, hit Shift Z and then shift Z again and your FPS will be displayed on the top of the screen. It's useful to have this going all the time because you can clearly see your heading and speed as well. Anyhow, if you're getting between 15 and 20 in the air you're doing OK. With a fast machine you'll get maybe up to 30. I've never achieved this. You should also lock your frame rate at 20 in the Display, Hardware options, to limit it, otherwise the program will be hogging other resources to try and achieve that value. It could drop to 5 or 6 at a busy airport or in dense scenery, and if you can handle that, well fine - otherwise ------>

    2. The frame rate depends primarily on the speed of your computer. I have a 4GHz, CPU with 2GB of RAM, which is marginal for good performance. Depends on your computer, and the type of processor and bus speed and general configuration. BUT a LOT depends on your video card. A minimum is 256MB card with a 64 bit bus. NOW, as I when through all the trauma of selecting a good card, since I had a miserable 32 MB card onboard I got LOTS and LOTS of well-intended advice and suggestions. But in the long run I concluded that a lot depends on personal preference and what works best on your machine. I was told that anything less than a 128 bus was not even worthwhile considering, but, being restricted to availability, I bought a 64 bit bus card. Couldn't get a 128 bit card for my computer. I was told that the the card would not affect frame rates. However it doubled my frame rates. I was told that some preferred NVidia to AIT cards. Others the opposite. Anyhow, I bought the best I could afford, and the results were totally remarkable - the best being my frame rate doubling. So - its your choice. They're all good. Some cards cost less than $100 (mine did) and you can pay $400 or more for a card if you wish. Buy what you can afford but no less than 256 MB and 64 bit. Try for 128 bits. Make sure your computer doesn't need a low-profile card, because this is what restricted me to 64 bits.

    4. The biggest thing with ANY computer is the DISPLAY settings. Here you have to experiment. Start off and set all your sliders to the right. Then park at any BUSY complicated and BUSY airport, and check your frame rate. Start pulling your sliders to the left from EXTREMELY DENSE to HIGH DENSITY to NORMAL (don't go less than this unless you have a REALLY miserable computer) and check out which ones make a noticeable effect. Cut your AIT traffic down as well. This is a large FPS hogger. Experiment with all the settings - cloud density etc. Remove "Aircraft casts shadows". Just experiment and find out how much each setting affects your FPS. You'll soon get the hang of it.

    I could go into a lot more detail on all this, but there has been a lot written and I have to rush off to work. But hopefully this will get you going. as a start


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    Thanks Stan for the quick and detailed reply!

    I managed to find quite a good forum with lots of good info on .

    Any ideas on how to make the terain look clearly-textured from some distance out? At the moment the terrain that is nearby is well defined and clear, but say anything further that 5 or 10 miles out is a bit fuzzy-looking, if you understand what I'm trying to say.

    I'm sure it's one of the sliders that I have to adjust but can't figure out which. There is a slider for cloud-distance drawing....that doesn't adjust the texture for terrain as well does it?

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    Default Getting FS2004 to run better

    There's a VISIBILITY setting. But the fuzziness is probably the result of your other display settings - texture, autogen, and the rest. Just set up a scenario as I suggested, save it, and then fiddle with the display settings and see what difference they make to the image. You may want to set up an in-flight scenario and save it in slew mode, so that you can capture it and fiddle around without having to control the plane while you're fiddling.

    The Flightsim forum is probably the best way to learn. All the guys are willing to help, and understand the problems of beginners and others. You'll never make a fool of yourself by asking a dumb question, which I've done many times. I'm replying to you because I've had so much support from the forums that its nice to be able to contribute something as well.

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