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    i was wondering if anyone could help me solve a simple problem i am having
    with downloading aircraft..I have gotten tothe point where the file is put
    under the aircraft folder however the plane does not appear under select
    aircraft when the program is running. (14 other rom aircraft appear)..this is
    happening on fs 2000 professional....thx
    Make sure the aircraft folder has sub folders: model, panel, sound, and
    texture. There should also be a .air file and a aircraft.cfg file.
    It is also possible that the aircraft is listed under the name unspecified
    rather than Boeing, Lockheed, etc.

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    i've been having the same problem. i am using flight simulator 2000 for this. i looked through the files for the .air file and aircraft.cfg file. however i cant find them. is there a specific file that they are in or are they supposed to be with the base files that are standardly shown? or did i just get a crappy download?

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    When you open up the .zip folder, the .air and .cfg files are supposed to be in the main (or first) folder that is there. Some aircraft have several folders that you have to go through to get to the actual aircraft folder, so make sure that all the "SOUND", "TEXTURE", "MODEL", and so on are all in a folder that is only "one deep". A sample filepath would be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Aircraft\sampleaircraftfolder\all .air and .cfg and other folders go here.

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    I am pretty sure he got it figured out since 2007...

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