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Thread: FE.DLL?????? Help!!!

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    Default FE.DLL?????? Help!!!

    All of a sudden the other day I was about to play an add-on
    campaign when I got a Windows error that said it would
    have to shut down CFS. In the details it something about
    FE.DLL. I did a little experimenting (Yeah Right, a
    little) and found out it only happens when I add a
    campaign or mission to CFS. Its always worked fine until
    now. I've never had a problem with add-on Campaigns or
    missions. Does anybody have any idea what FE.DLL does or
    why my campaigns and missions all of a sudden won't work?


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    i am lead to beleive that fe.dll means front end.
    i.e. it goes through all .bgls in scenery folder and cd disk.
    and puts them in some kind of buffer for the scenery
    engine to process-wmgillies

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