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Thread: Aircraft Installations MSFS 2002 and MS Windows XP HE.

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    barrywk Guest

    Default Aircraft Installations MSFS 2002 and MS Windows XP HE.

    Andrew Herd in his articles has identified a very efficient way to install third party aircraft panels in MSFS2002. Please refer to his recent article.

    I was wondering if there was a similar way to install gauges, ie. set up a separate directory for installed gauges and point that directory to the aircraft folder. I suspect that all gauges must be held in the primary gauges folder ??

    I am just trying where possible to preserve my original clean install of MSFS2002 and I want to keep track of subsequent downloads which are installed in the sim. MSFS 2002 is very tolerant of having third party files installed and I am sure that it was designed that way, however I just want to be able to have a methoud of isolating or identify these files as they are installed within the sim.

    Grateful for any feedback,

    Barry K.

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    Default RE: Aircraft Installations MSFS 2002 and MS Windows XP HE.

    Yes there is:

    ----------Subgauge folder


    (Window00)//use square brackets here vice ()
    window_size= 0.000, 0.000

    gauge00=L1011Gauges\L1011.pandim, 0,0,1024
    gauge01=L1011Gauges\L1011.dimsw, 912,14,25,31
    gauge02=L1011Gauges\767ee6.FPDA_Tapera, 393,436,22
    gauge03=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.rev1, 762,751,47
    gauge04=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.rev2, 830,751,47
    gauge05=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.rev3, 898,751,47
    gauge06=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.apanun, 388,338,65
    gauge07=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.temp, 706,416,31
    gauge08=L1011Gauges\L1011dr.nav1, 509,290,68
    gauge09=L1011Gauges\HGHB_L1011_SIGNS, 962,-5,65
    gauge10=L1011Gauges\HGHB_L1011_AFCS_WARNING, 224,333,130...

    The folder in this case is fs2002/gauges/L1011Gauges. FS2002 expects to find the gauges in the fs2002/gauges folder, the above further points to the subfolder L1011Gauges.

    W. Sieffert

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    barrywk Guest

    Default RE: Aircraft Installations MSFS 2002 and MS Windows XP HE.

    I am very grateful for your indepth reply. I hope that other flight simmers can also use your excellent information.

    In the mean time I shall start my mofications.

    Thank you,

    Barry K.

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