I know there is much written in the FAQ regarding Panels and gauges. But I
must say, I'm lost. The problem is this: I downloaded a DC-3
(dc3alpak.zip)and everything looked fine until I discovered that most of the
gauges on the panel were missing. I have read the FAQ but since
*computer-speak* does not come easy to me, I'm having a hard time. Is there
anyone out their who doesn't mind helping out a *nubie*??? Thanks, in advance.


P.S. I did indeed download the FS98 Converter (FSconv98.exe). Thanks again.
You have one of two problems. :-)
If the zip file you downloaded had another zip inside it labelled "gauges",
the contents of that zip has to be moved to the FS GAUGES folder (ie, unzip the
gauge files and place them in the folder).
If the panel you downloaded was an upgrade to a previous panel, you'll need to
grab that one as well and repeat the above. Check the README file to see what
you need to do.