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Thread: fs2002 date+time vs System date+time

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    Default fs2002 date+time vs System date+time

    I don't know if someone else has seen this fenomenon yet in FS2002.

    I live in the Netherlands and like to start with date and time as set on my computer from an airport in the Netherlands or the rest of Europe. The time shown in FS2002 is the same as my system time on the pc, But the date seems to be a day late. Today wednesday 03-apr.-2002 18:15 hrs I tried it again, FS2002 says that today is tuesday 02-apr. 2002 18:15 hrs.

    if I start FS2002 From Meigs then FS2002 displays the correct date, is there an error within FS2002, because the version before did not have that error.

    Does anyone have an Idea?

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    Default RE: fs2002 date time vs System date time

    Its just somthing i live with i just change it manually most of the time. other than that i live on Island Time so the time issue isnt importatante to me.
    Happy Tails. lol

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