I have a Sidewinder 3Dpro and use it with FS5.1. I run FS in W95 (works just
fine for me, not even slow cuz I have K6233) and downloaded Microsoft's new
Game Device Profiler v2.0. I made a profile for FS and saved it and activated
it. I go into the game and it starts out just fine, no problems at all. I
turn on my engine (I mainly use the prop planes and use mags) and start to take
off. Right after I apply full throttle, the joystick goes haywire. The
control pos. indicator shows wierd positions even though my joystick is
centered. I calibrate it and it returns to normal for three seconds. Then it
goes haywire again. Can anyone help me here? (note: If I deactivate the
profile and unload it from the systray, FS works good, except it goes haywire
in the very beginning, but if I calibrate the joystick it works fine again).
Is it just because I'm trying to use a W95 app. with a DOS app. that is running
in W95?