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    As for printing up a map of what you have in your version of fs5
    use the program NAV1.8 or 1.9 or 2.0..
    This will sample all the bgl files and make a map for you..

    If you want a real map or book of the area you want to fly in go down to
    the airport with $10 and buy a sectional map or airport directory book...

    Im not trying to stop you in your venture its just make a hobby of it
    and ask time you upgrade your stuff and learn some more..

    ask a question well all help out


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    the pig needs a bigger barn yard!!!the answer is for under $20 fs98

    If you build fs5.1 scenery it has to be small bgls....

    How i get away with it is not to stick in a big api file with textures
    but get the download TEXtoBMP and with paintshop draw and airplane
    paint it the make it a r8 file and use it on a polygon...uses very little
    memory....down load TINIAN for fs98..that guy made 100s of b29s with very
    little works i did it also on my MOJAVE98 scenery with dc9s....


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    On the fs5 front iv been taking alot of fs5 planes and using the converter
    for fs98 and seeing the differences compared to the fs98 versions....
    I also took dan geises fs5 Jupiter II from lost in space and made it a fs98
    bird...My daughter loved it....

    Im having a big problem on the fs98 front....All these New fs98 DC-4 birds
    by (Hollas) have bizzar are to put the dc4 files in a
    dc6 bird that already exist....i tried it different ways...they dont show
    up....Im not to worried though....just a thought


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    all that foolishness is gone i fly sim planes and listen to the
    hf bands for over seas flights...THE new foolishness!!!

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    FSFS is not been produced in can get a used copy on the swap
    forum at this site but buyer be ware....

    look a few messages up..Megadeath has the full version of fsfs at his web site
    for now....if you have a good connection you can pull the 20 meg download
    i had no luck though...


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    At this point im running fs5.1 with FSFS/Airport2.1 and the Apollo Scenery
    designer on the old compter and fs98 with af99 on the newer computer
    and I move back and fourth depending who lets me use the system...

    Iv been told by a few simmers that i should upgrade to fs2000/add ons
    so my downloads will work on fs2000....
    Hey fs5.1 and fs98 planes and scenery thats it...infact i dont submit
    hardly anything compared to all the project i have going...only a hobby

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    Well...This is how you can make these shapes...not to say there can be
    many ways but this is how iv done it..

    With FSFS build a aircraft in your shape shape for fs 5.1 with a set of
    generic textures so you can paint it any thing you want..
    After you have made this object assign it some dynamics...and produce
    an air will fly in fs5.1
    Now what i do is contact Mike Wallace who has 100s of api files at this site
    and his own web site and ask him (he does take requests) to convert the
    fs5.1 air file to a API file for Airport2.1...

    I Know there is way to produce your own api file but i never got it to run..

    The other way is to produce a bgl file with fsfs and there is a whole
    proceedure to do this in the fsfs manual...and that works too..
    I like the api conversion better because its take less memory and runs
    in airport2.1 and so on




    I have been using VOD3 to produce objects but have not figured out how to
    achieve the
    following shapes</p>


    As I understand it there are two ways of creating objects,code,or a program
    like VOD.</p>

    If I edit the .det file that VOD produces how can I then incorperate that file

    Also if I want to program in code is there a list somewhere of all the

    Mike Tidball</p>

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    None 3dfx systems using the Microsoft chip set will run fs5.1 but not in
    svga mode...

    If your at the point where your running fs5.1 or 5.o on a win98 system
    in svga consider your self lucky....The vesa driver on your system
    is to a point compatable....looks more like the ems/xms memory in win98
    is not setup.....look in fs5.1 perfomance and see if the numbers are
    there...if ems or xms is at 00000 that could be your problem...


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    Fsfs upgrades fs 5.0 to a lower version of 5.1 without the scenery upgrade..
    also try the fs5 utilities at this site....there was a 1# patch from microsoft
    back around 1995 for fs5.0 users to fix this....
    If you have a Toy Works Toy store around the house in the U.S. fs5.1
    can be bought for $12.99 thats the easy fix..


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