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    straker Guest

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    I actually do a fly by of the empty fs5 tarmac and see nothing but the cracks
    in the runway and lots of least once a week..

    Im not a pilot but have my feet in aviation and fly quite a bit but I get
    away with it because the licened pilot it in the left seat...
    I was At Mansfield MA airport the other day to look with a friend at 4
    cessna 150s for sale which were out of annual and around 1800 hours on each
    engine...It was a long walk across the field to get to the planes which
    were in a little holding area away from the main Tarmac..On the walk in 90+
    temps I though of the fs5 forum and how long and empty it is...
    This forum needs some engines fired up.....
    As for fs2004 Im passing...I have fs5.1 which runs really good on a old
    P rig with a S3 card and fs98 -fs2002 are on the cockpits computer and
    fs2002 seems to run the best out of the lot...fs98 does not support the
    3 monitor setup i have like fs2002 does..It works,,just poorly

    As for fs2004...Iv spent enough...Between microsoft...FLY!1and 2 and
    flightunlimeted 1 2 and 3 Iv com to the point of enough...
    Im bowing out....Its not flight sim any more its a Lionel Train set...
    Some kids has a sheet of plywood and kid had the plywood painted
    green...the other kidhad some platic was notreal but the train went
    around ,,throw in a out of scale matchbox car an it was Hill side junction..
    then was the Lionel setup with hills,,,Platic buildings and cars...and a train

    with missle launching cars and a BT barnum lion car with growl..the engine
    smoked and all the houses lit up and the whole thing looked like a circus...
    that where fs2004 is heading...fancy planes,fancy clowds ,fancygps real sounds

    but will the runways light up correctly..does the beacon work at the tower
    like in fly!..Funny the ADF does not go into the AM broadcast band like on the
    vintage CollinsADF...No loran C in the plane...Funny the dc-3 with all its
    art work does not have the flames on the wasp's engines when flying...
    why anrt there airbus' shouts...Im asking how long does this thing
    take to load?????
    In the long run the sheet of plywood..FS5.1 as they say seems to work
    just as good..
    Humor Pete

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    straker Guest

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    To all on the Empty Tarmac
    I though the latest article or Op-Eds of Freeware vs Payware were quit
    a Hoot...From Im Packing my bags and leaving town to Payware is much beter
    than freeware....To the history of flight simming starting at fs95....

    well I started with an apple 2C or E with FS1 on 2 5 inch floppies and it
    was awlful..I was not impressed and foundn it quit stupid back around
    1983 or so...Fs1 was beyond my scope of flying around a black square
    jabbing buttons and borrowing the disks they were returned to a friend
    a week later...Around 1989 or pre gulf war 1 i tried fs4 and bough a
    $50 copy at Sears and poked along on a LASER 8088 at 12mhz..Stone and axe
    But around 1995 after trying fs5.0 I bought the $50 CD powered fs5.1
    and got hooked flying on my new 486sx 50....Months later for$54 i bought
    Apollos Flight shop and every few months some kind of Aircraft add on...
    then Apollos scenery designer....
    About 1996 I went on the net and found A ton of stuff and havent stopped..

    Payware...looking back a spent alot and looking ahead Iv said enough...
    Ill admit a FS2002 Lockheed Connie Pack would get my attention but
    the latest gmax planes at $30 each havent moved me except backwards...
    The other night as fs2002 is taking its 3 minute load to go to my airport
    I fired up the old rig and played FS5.1...And looking through my CD folder
    I realized how much software for fs5.1 i owned...
    So fs2004 Im passing ....Im going to playb with fs5.1 and FSFS and
    have some fun....
    Oh look ...fs2002 finally loaded after this posting.Well ill play that too..

    Pete Http://


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    joycem Guest

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    I loved the simplicity of FS 5.0. Has anyone been successful in installing 5.0
    on Windows XP? If so, how was it accomplished? Thanks?

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    Guest Guest

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    Microsoft Special Value

    These are most likely left overs when fs 98 came out and stores like
    Wal mart make room for new product....

    or it is a re issue.......I think at this price its the first of the 2.....

    It can never hurt to have a second copy and book on hand...

    peter ...drquest

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    Guest Guest

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    if you know anything about woody let me know....
    I am thankful that one afternoon with 25 disks I downloaded the whole library
    for my collection...

    Woody if your out there thanks ....In my opinion you had one of the best
    fltsim sites.....Visually and quantity...


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    Guest Guest

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    Step 3) Save your new notepad file as a .txt file. If you want
    to do your postings in different sittings, you'll always
    have this file to go back to.

    Step 4) Use Netscape or Internet explorer and try searching
    for various newsgroups (on-line forums, message boards,
    chat sites, discussions.)

    Step 5) Visit these message boards and post this article as
    a new message by highlighting the text of this letter
    and selecting paste from the edit menu. Fill in
    the Subject, this will be the header that everyone sees
    as they scroll through the list of postings in a
    particular group,click the post message button.

    You're done with your first one!
    Congratulations...THAT'S IT!
    All you have to do is jump to different newsgroupes and post
    after you get the hang of it, it will take about 30 seconds
    for each newsgroup!
    That's it!

    You will begin reciving $$$$ from around the world within days!

    You may eventually want to rent a P.O.Box due to the large
    of mail you will receive.
    If you wish to stay anonymous, you can invent a name to use,
    as long as the postman will deliver it.

    Now the WHY part:

    Out of 200 postings, say I receive only 5 replies
    (a very low example). So then I made $5.00 with my name at #6
    on the letter. Now, each of the 5 persons who just sent me
    $1.00 make the MINIMUM 200 postings, each with my name at
    and only 5 persons respond to each of the original 5, that is
    another $25.00 for me, now those 25 each make 200 MINIMUM
    posts with my name at #4 and only 5 replies each, I will bring
    in an additional $125.00! Now, those 125 persons turn around
    post the MINIMUM 200 with my name at #3 and only receive 5
    replies each, I will make an additional $626.00! OK,
    now here is the fun part, each of those 625 persons post a
    MINIMUM 200 letters with my name at #2 and they each
    only receive 5 replies, that just made me $3,125.00!!!
    Those 3,125 persons will all deliver this message to 200
    newsgroups with my name at #1 and if still 5 persons per
    200 newsgroups react I will receive $15,625,00! With a
    original investment of only $6.00! AMAZING! When your name
    is no longer on the list, you just take the latest posting
    in the newsgroups, and send out another $6.00 to names on
    the list, putting your name at number 6 again. And start
    posting again. The thing to remember is, do you realize
    that thousands of people all over the world are joining the
    internet and reading these articles everyday,

    JUST LIKE YOU are now!!

    Posted by Adam on December 04, 1998

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    Guest Guest

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    ok its a fs5.1 panel...5.1 have fsfs installed(ok)
    ARE You in SVGA or VGA mode...(U MUST BE IN SVGA MODE) the problem is
    many 3d cards on win98 or 95 do not support fs5.1...those panels are made
    for svga mode only...

    just ideas pete

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    Guest Guest

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    or the scenery is of major cities...who cares....I fly out of salvage yards
    or air force bases and i have to make most of my scenery to do that
    I have Davis Monthan and Mojave and other off the track places....
    It seems like alot of these guys are kennedy airport 747 pilots who
    fly back and forth......down load the same 747 painted 25 different ways...
    Me im in my F3 Fury flying out of mojave to edwards airforce base....
    As for the other forums...Iv sent messages into deep space and got nothing
    as for this forum the signal takes a few days but it hits a listening ear...
    and it seems to be down to a core 3 people Dennis ,Rich and Pete.....
    It does not look like im getting up to leave soon....


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    Guest Guest

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    Im building scenery...mixing files...painting things...flighing planes...
    this stuff is not that hard.....

    fs5 fs98 what ever computer is available......I go to the airport buy a map
    of california for $7 buy a airport directory $4 go to the air center
    and ask a pilot some bull i tell him imusing fs98...i get
    all kinds of positive responses....

    this stuff you learn by doing...I think most of the sim comunity does not get
    it ....or just the louder ones....

    Ill sit here at the f5 bone least its quiet...

    Humor AGAIN...Use around VHF radio equipment only


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    Guest Guest

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    As for the concord in fs5.0 or 5.1 you have a problem....fs5 and its big fix
    called 5.1 has a problem...when it was written at microsoft it was never
    planned to deal with these huge dynamic ranges..00 to mach 3 in 1 minute...
    Then BAO came out with flight shop and everybody injected there birds..
    but fs5 does not deal with turbo props or helicopters either...NOTICE THAT!!!
    Any way...AS with the f18 supplied with flight shop you must deploy
    the flaps all the way down to take off..its not real its fs5s rules of for all the engines not running...with fsfs you can check
    to see if the artist selected all the engines or make shure all the
    engines are started????use the back of the book to find the command because
    i cant remember right now its like CTRL 1 for engine 1 start...>

    As for scenery What do you want....???

    I like arizona 2 and dan geises kennedy space center and some other
    ones like edwards version .9 by marcel all down loads at flightsim..
    Fs5 scenery has to be limited in what you see because it has a small
    scenery buffer and the graphics are limited...fs98 is much better but
    it was written years after fs5 also...people forget when fs5 was out
    the 486 dx66 was the mother of all have a dx66 WOOOOOW...

    scenery,,,planes,,,dash boards,,,i can list alot of them...ask one question
    at a time.....
    as for fs5.1 i still have it in my kids machine and it gets used but i like
    fs98 because its a step up on all for fs2000 when i get my
    P3 500 ill but it by that time it will be another $19.95 classic at
    toy works....


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