I moved 3 years ago and have not unpacked my FS4 and 5 stuff but after i do I can help others with some of the programs. I have run both under dos and W98 just fine but now under XP FS4 runs but I need to know how to make FS5 run.

Has anyone used MS virtual setup to run old sims? what i think I need from someone is a pre set dosbox because I have not been able to get such to work corectly.

maybe a list of the CFG file for the dosbox so I can set mine up because I just seem to be blocked when it comes to the dosbox that most say is so good.



[email protected]

if you can help and write please put FS5 first in the subject line I use a 40 inch sony monitor because of bad eyes thanks

I will also keep checking the forum for tips.