Actually, I'm not asking for a link to the usual tutorials, rather, I am asking
if anybody knows any free or cheap resources to help turn 3DS Max (3D Studio
Max) models into usable mdl aircraft compilations for use with FS98.

My intentions are to reconstruct some fantasy aircraft from popular anime and
sci-fi stories and movies into flight models to see if I can tweak the handling
and guage their real-world possibilities.

I know many hard-core simmers cringe at the thought of unrealistic, "fantasy
craft", I myself would if I didn't know exactly what I already had in mind.
I've been using flight sims since 1985 when I was 15 years old (Anybody
remember the old Vic-20 "Flight Sim" or the C-64 "Super Huey", "AH-64" and
"Yeager's Advanced Flight Sim" programs?)

Anyhow, I have a few years experience with 3D modeling with 3DS Max and use it
almost daily for my day job (amature indy film making, CGI and visual effects)
and would like to explore flight characteristics of various exotics,
experimental craft and airships, but having difficulty finding applications
like the now outdated "Flight Shop", limited to only having FS98 and CFS and
unable to fit premium apps like Flight Simulator Design Studio into my budget.

Does anybody know of any other options, or where I may find an older, cheaper
copy of "Flight Shop"?