Hi everyone, I am selling a lot of old Flight Simulator 4.0 and 5.0 / 5.1 games
for IBM / PC / DOS at Ebay Auction. Due to downsizing.


Item No. 5801298310 - Lots Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 DOS - (15 Software)

Item No. 5801299022 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 DOS Game CD & 2 Books PC

Item No. 5801300635 - Lots Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 DOS (16 Software)

Item No. 5801301642 - Apollo Collection 1-4 Flight Simulator 5.0 5.1 DOS CD

Item No. 5801302236 - Rare Sublogic UFO IBM PC DOS Game Flight Simulator ATP

Auction will be end next Sunday Aug. 28, 2005.

Also, I am selling some other games and any useful stuff.

Good Luck for winning some rare software for your collectible or hobbies.

Please do not reply to me. You can ask any questions at Ebay.

Many Thanks
Doc Ric