I was unaware of the extra complication of View assignments in the panel.cfg
file but they are indeed present in the file I'm looking at. The forward view
defaults to an elevation angle of 7.5 degrees so I'll play with that.

I've not read any documentation on the [VIEWS] section so I am intrigued as to
why it is there. In the real world any pilot will adjust the seating position
to give a sensible view out of the cockpit. That means you have a reasonably
good coverage of the ground below the aircraft on final approach (the critical
case owing to angle of attack).

In FS2000 it seems that this view has become more difficult to obtain and, as
you say, some aircraft leave a lot to be desired. The size of the instrument
panel on the screen should not be a consideration. Regardless of the size of
the "viewing area" left for outside features the pitch of this view should
remain normal, as (ideally) should the viewing zoom factor. We can't adjust our
eyesight for zoom or wide angle panoramas!
Well, adjusting eysight-zoom, that's a question for an ocultist...
But when looking outside you can either focus on a small spot(another aircraft,
something far away on the ground) or have a general surveilling view. In both
cases you will have a 'different' focussed view (??) and looking at a single
switch at the bottom of the panel, you may use even another eyefocus.
This is not easy to simulate (in fact I don't know, if it is possible at all!)
One method is the usage of pop-up-panels, but I personally don't like this very
To get an ~ impression of the total cockpit-view, it could help to press the
s-key once to get into the virtual view. Because the size of the panels can't
be minimized endlessly, the windows stay small.
And sometimes the middle column is drawn exactly in the middle of the screen,
which isn't dramatically correct either.
So: I don't know the perfect solution myself, but I still recommend, to reduce
the zoom slightly. (for example 0.8 for front, 0.7 for the sides) Just play
around with it, and if you don't like it in the end, simply delete the whole
[views]-section and that's it.


I have experimented with setting the views in the panel.cfg as outlined already
and it improves things. However I also find that in virtual cockpit view to
move the seat backwards helps enormously. I think this is CTRL
ENTER/BACKSPACE. Then you can get a setting which gives most of the virtual
panel and a good view outside, often including some of the left quarter view
too. This is better than reducing the zoom setting which alters the whole
outside view. The trouble is that I cannot find a way to set this seat setting
in the config file. Any suggestions? Without being able to set this as a
default, every time you press space to reset the front view in VC you lose the
setting. If you use the keyboard for looking around, you may also like to
know that I have reconfigured my preferences for views in the assignments menu
so that with NUMLOCK on, the "looking all around views" work as normal on the
number pad, but I have reassigned the arrow keys (to the left of the number
pad) to do panning views - left, right, up and down. So when you fly you don't
have to press NUMLOCK or SHIFT or CTRL or anything else, you can simply ook
around normally on the number pad keys and then pan around with the arrow keys.
(trim still works ok on the HOME and END keys above the arrow keys) It makes
looking around so much better and easier. The only trouble is that if after
panning you need to reset the front view quickly (with SPACE) then you lose
your specially set up seat position. If this could be solved in the panel.cfg
(or FS9.cfg??) files it would make viewing really easy. Does anyone have a
solution? P.S. the Lionceau single engine a/c has very good viewing for VFR
navigation - well worth the download)