I don't know if this is the place to post this, but it's worth a try
Anyway, to business:

I recently followed the gmax tutorial on modelling a p-38. Alls fine so far.
I re-did the part structure to be compatible with FS2002. I exported it and it
worked fine.
Now the tricky bit: I textured my plane, in a folder one directory up from my
model, like this:

-textures (textures in here)
-d-day (plane in here)

Ok. Now, the problem: When this file is exported to FS2k2, the textures don't

I have tried moving the textures to every place imaginable

The textures are called striped2.jpg and fuselage.jpg and are mapped to parts
called wing_LOD_!00 and engine_nacelle_LOD_100

Please help!