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Thread: Flattening Taxiways

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    On some add-on scenery, the taxiways are bumpy and the aircraft brings up dust. Is there any way to flatten these taxiways?

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    You're probably reffering to small airports?

    In the standard fs scenery, some airports are made bumpy as they're not paved but you park on grass. Which is bumpy in nature.

    Three ways to solve your problem:
    1. make your own scenery with flat grass
    2. mow the lawn you're taxiing on
    3. uninstall addon scenery

    Since you don't want to do either three and the scenery was designed to be this way (as real as it gets you know) I think you'll just have to put up with it. Sorry


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    Default RE: Flattening Taxiways

    I've have never noticed this. Is it just in Add on Scenery?

    Darrell Baty

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    No, it's not. But you usually only experience this on grass surfaces and it's not as obvious when you don't have a ffb stick.


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