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Thread: Man oh, Man!

  1. Default Man oh, Man!

    I just finished upgrading my system to XP, and downloaded the newest NVIDIA Drivers (28.32). Man oh man, does it look good!
    I can't believe my eyes, what an improvement.
    FS2k2 never looked so good, and smooth,!

    I'm running:
    Athlon 850
    VisionTek GeForce3 Ti500
    Asus K7M MoBo
    Saitek X36F-X35T

    Aye, there'll be a high time in the old town tonight!


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    Do you think XP made a difference? What did you upgrade from? Home or Pro XP? I have the CD but I am reluctant to load ....running ME and everything is running great.

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    Default RE: Man oh, Man!

    You can't run FS2002 on an 850!!!!!!!! It just plain won't work!!!!!!!!!!! That according to the experts over there!!! Personally, I think the reason it's so smooth and beautiful as you say is cause of that monster video card you got there. Now video cards don't matter according to the experts over there cause this sim is controlled by the processor alone. So who are you to disprove em'. Must be that XP factor kicking in.

    Now my PIII800 on Win98Standard with my GF2GTS64 which isn't as big will only run the sim smooth and beautifully at 1600x1200 res if I keep the autogen down to very dense, scenery complexity down to very dense with mesh set at 80 and no more, with textures on high and quality maxed out with aircraft and vc on massive; but I gotta keep the water textures on detail if I want my framerates to hang around 40+ most of the time else they'll drop to around 25 or 30 with water reflections unless I'm taking off from LAX, then I gotta be satisfied with 15+ frames till I climb out before I go back to 40+. That probably has something to do with the fact that I'm using factory 5.16a Hercules drivers. Course I gotta keep all my boxes checked too. Except for aircraft shadows and gotta run with clouds on scattered with FSuipc set no more than 2000' thick on the clouds and gotta use trilinear filtering else I get patchy water. Now, I have no problem with blurry textures unless I move even just one of those sliders up. Then the blurs start. So, I'm stuck where I'm at. My computer is now almost 5 years old. Got the old 440bx mobo in it with sdram. Now, I wonder what will happen when I upgrade to a 2.2gig with a GF4??? This sim will probably just plain blind me then, huh??

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    Captain_Slarty Guest

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    errrrrrrr.. xp will make no difference to the LOOKS or the SPEED of the sim over a well maintained 98se system... period ;-)

    All you are seeing is the benefit of having installed a clean os... and slight change of gamma / c / b / with the different driver nothing more.

    Sorry, but thats the way it is... ;-)

    Captn S.

    Confucius he say... man who makes beans an peas in same pot.. very unhygienic

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    Default RE: Man oh, Man!

    HOLY CRAP!!!!, my sarcasm detector just went off-scale!!

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    Hi Capt'n and all,
    You are right, of course! In my wild-eyed enthusiasm, I did not mean to imply that XP made any real difference. Me thinks it was just the change in nvidia drivers?

    The only reason I attempted to upgrade to XP was my system had become very unstable with 98SE, so I thought I'd see if XP could solve the "crashing syndrome" I had aquired.
    Well, the rest of the story wasn't so grand! XP does not like LOTS of software that I had in my computer: i.e Logitech mouse software, keyboard, and a host of other stuff.

    To make a long story short, I had to re-install XP over itself just to get everything working. I'm still trying to sort it out.

    So far from what I've seen, there is a distinct visual improvement in the sim (as I said it's probably the upgraded drivers). If I can figure out how to post a screen shot, I will.

    Thanks to all for the feedback...I'm one of those who needs a reality check every so often.


    BTW, Capt'n, how is that thing that yer building com'in along?

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    hehehehe; Is there an award for that???? Seriously though, anyone with an 800+ and a good graphics card already knows that it handles FS2002 just fine in most all of its glory. There is a sacrific though in turning the sliders way up and that's, at least on mine, is having to run with no or minimal ATC. But, I'd rather have all the eye candy than the ATC. Also, anyone with a good GF2 card knows that at least at high res they're pretty much limited to 16bit color. Now, I'd be curious as to how that Ti500 runs the sim with an 850 at high res, say 1600x1200 in 32bit color???

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    Default RE: Man oh, Man!

    My wife got a new 1.6 Dell a few months back with XP. The logitech mouse wouldn't function fully till we downloaded the new XP drivers at Also, her MicroSoft keyboard was also messed up till we downloaded the XP drivers for that. Her Photoready HP printer would print, but wouldn't transfer photos from the printer to the computer regardless of what software and the fact we'd installed HP's new XP drivers. I finally had to call HP and after $25 and 75 minutes on the phone with their tech support, we got it working. It involved turning a bunch of stuff on in XP and turning a bunch of stuff off in XP. Don't ask me to recite what all was done, but that HP printer is now working just fine. I've kinda got a wait and see attitude on XP. I'm thinking about upgrading but still undecided as to whether to order Win98 with it or XP???

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    Hi Bigshot
    Why would you even consider going to an outdated system like Win98 after having seen XP. Sure you need to download some drivers but it sure is a nice operating system. Flightsim, my homemade controls 2 screens, have a whole lot nicer effect than 98. When not doing flightsim other programs runs smooth. Go with XP be ready for the future.

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    after work'in on this stuff since last night (right after I posted my now infamous rave), your points are well taken.

    Here's what little I know so far:

    XP seems to be as stable as advertised;
    XP does not like software that hasn't cut a deal(pay me or I'll take my Windows and go home). Right now I can't get XP to recognize my scanner, (I always look for upgraded drivers);
    XP has loads of meaningless features that I have chosen to turn off. This does seem to improve performnce of the O.S.;
    If it were not for the fact that 98SE had become very unstable
    on my system, I probably would have left it alone.

    On the other hand I do like to experiment with new software.

    Having said all that, so far, I'm fairly satisfied with the way FS2k2 looks and performs (again, careful not to give undo credit to the new O.S.). I think by this time we're all pretty aware that each system is different and unique. General fixes rarely work for too many.


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