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Thread: Turboprop startup procedures

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    Default Turboprop startup procedures

    Could someone briefly describe a typical startup procedure for a twin turboprop.Something like:
    1. Battery on
    2. Master Avionics On
    3. etc, etc.

    I'm particullarly interested in the engine statup portion.I also don't relly understand generator functions (when it should be on, for example.)

    Also, there is some kind of ice button that seems to change torque settings. Is this supposed to increse toeque during icing conditions?


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    Default RE: Turboprop startup procedures

    Here is a link to a page that has links to the Normal Flight Checklist and the Emergency Procedure Checklist for the twin turbo prop OV-10 Bronco (USA).

    It should give you a good idea...


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    Default RE: Turboprop startup procedures

    Perfect! Thanks![|Great Lakes Express VA - The Midwest's Regional and feeder Airline]

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