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    jyarddog Guest

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    What was this scenery made with? Was it EZ-scenery or rwy12? Either way you
    have the bgl's for those trees but not the textures. If you hve the bgl's this
    means you most likely have that library installed in lens ez scenery library or
    static objects library (rwy12). Somehow you didn't install the textures to
    those trees. Sometimes authors of libraries forget to ship teh texture files
    (bmps). Stuff happens!

    There is no utility that tells what textures missing are needed, unfortunately.
    Also, the file name of the missing bmp or any bmp often does not match the name
    of the bgl!

    BTW- Sometimes some things don't show up or stuff shows up with other stuff in
    the middle of it, like a tree in the middle of a taxiway.

    Always check in fs9 scenery settings at scenery complexity. A lot of people run
    there fs9 at 'normal' when a number of sceneries are made at dense or very
    dense settings. Adjust yours accordingly. I run mine at very dense. But I had
    trouble with my KOTM scenery, having done my scenery at dense or very dense.
    Those who run at "normal" found a missing building and maybe with signs hanging
    in mid air! I'll try to monitor this site to help and pick up any pointers
    myself! Bob


    How can I tell what textures a scenery needs?

    I have a scenery from the Philippines for FS9 and for some reason there are a
    lot od white walls in it. I think they should be covered with tree textures.
    Is there some utilitu that tells what textures are required or what textures
    are missing?

    When I looked at another computer with the same scenery there was no problem
    and that's how I figured there are tree tectures missing or in the wrong place.

    Maybe someone can help.

    Thanks for your time.

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    rkruijer Guest

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    Thanks Bob,

    I solved the problem. A .pat file was missing. I finally got to the designers
    site and it was mentioned.


    What was this scenery made with? Was it EZ-scenery or rwy12? Either way you
    have the bgl's for those trees but not the textures.

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