I have FSDS version 3, I want to build scenery objects that will be compatible
for use with either RWY12 or EZ Scenery Designer. My question is what program
or procedure do I need to use / follow to take whatever I build in FSDS and get
the end result of a item usable with these programs...

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I wish I kknew more about FSDS and its ease of operation. I believe FSDS creats
an mdl file doesn't it? If so you use EZ-scenery manager which came with
EZ-scenery (It should be in FS9 main folder). With this you 'create new
library' and search for your new mdl file. Hit generate and it should compile
the mdl file into a bgl file. Search for the location of teh texture file also.

For jsut a single mdl file there is mdlbgl utility as well, but I think
EZ-scenry manager uses this. Bob