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    I think the freeware programs that are available are just the best choice here.


    I have been using Airport 2.95 I like it ok but have been thinking of buying
    a comerical program like Airport & Scenery Designer by Abacus whats the best
    thing out at this time

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    Bill Sieffert

    Check how you have the graphics adapter set. Start fs2004, settings, display,
    hardware tab. Check the hardware rendering options you have set. Disable each
    one, review what it does to the background, and see if you can come to a
    reasonable situation. Hint, try Anti-alising deselected, first.

    Bill Sieffert

    Hi All

    I'm just beginning flight simming and have FS9 installed. Is there anyway of
    getting rid of the sawtoothed lines, representing the edges of buildings and
    runways, that show up in the background. They don't show in the foreground as
    badly. I have an AMD 2200 processor,40 gig hard drive and 5200 FX video card.
    Is it my system that's not good enough or is it something to do with the game

    Thanks for your help,


    I tried what you recommended and I find no marked improvement. If I
    deselect "Transform and lighting" my frame rates take a hit. I have the display
    resolution set to 1024x768x32, is this the best setting? Could more RAM [I have
    512 and 128 in the video card], a better video card or a faster CPU help? If
    so, what would you recomend?

    Thanks again

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    ground2k*.zip - download all files

    Visit the MSFS Scenery Design Forums at

    Bill Sieffert

    i am 'thinking of getting into scenery design for australian areas.
    I am retired and have the hours to waste away by amusing myself doing this and
    i need help and advice where to start and what with.

    1. what is the best design (Free and/or other wise 'costly') is the best to get
    to start with.
    2. where is a good supply of those macros etc avaliable from off the net?
    3. i have some aviation maps and such but where on the net is descriptions of
    australian airfields?

    i am retired early from the airforce medically unfit so my wife would
    appreciate all the help i can get to keep me out of her hair or from her feet!

    ron aka southaussie

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