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Thread: Main gear up, Nose gear disagree - first occurence

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    nawyecky Guest

    Default Main gear up, Nose gear disagree - first occurence

    This happened to me while I was minding my own business in the FSD Commander 115TC. Flew from Lompoc to one of the airfields on Santa Cruz Island (California). I took off again, and after takeoff, the nose gear indicator was still green. In spot plane view, the nose + the main were all down. I tried lowering it in midair and then raising it again, no dice.

    Does this mean I made a crappy landing which damaged the nose gear (compliments to FSD), or is this a bug? My landing was somewhat hampered by crosswind, but otherwise I don't remember a particularily hard touchdown. Did anyone ever experience this malfunction?


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    cessan270 Guest

    Default RE: Main gear up, Nose gear disagree - first occurence

    May i ask why you were lowering the gear at 4200ft?
    I have never had that happen but i purposly dont use the gear at night to see the awsome sparks that come all around your place:)

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