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Thread: How can I exclude default FSX airports

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    Default How can I exclude default FSX airports

    I have now decided to divest myself of FS9 and move solely to FSX. I want to port over some of the good FS9 addon airports, where this can be done.

    Several I have found look very good in FSX where the various textures are compatible. As an example, with the Freez Zurich I have managed to exclude the FSX default airport buildings with an XML exclude file, except for the default control tower. (I also want to convert the ISD Milan Airport, which appears to have similar issues it is a beautiful flight between these two points over the Alps.)

    However I am having lots of trouble with the FSX default aprons, taxiways and airfield itself, bleeding through the FS9 equivalents, the extent being dependent on the angle of view, and the plane chases the textures down the runway on take-off. The same happens with some other sceneries.

    I presume that I need to create an exclude? and/or flatten? file to eliminate this problem but so far have been unsuccessful in finding a program that will do this. I have tried Sbuild, SceneGenX, ADE, ExcBuilder, and I could only find one specific instance of this problem being raised on the forums by neighbour Rob Halmich (maxam66)
    but the issue did not appear to be ever fully replied to, and he came to our flightsim club meeting last Friday but was no further ahead.

    The strange thing is I updated my own FS9 Vancouver International (CYVR42) to FSX (CYVR5) without this problem. Default FS9 buildings and airfield had been eliminated with both an XML exclude and a visible AFCAD for the airfield facilities such as runways, taxiways and aprons, and these excludes survived through to in FSX.

    Does anyone know how to exclude an entire FSX default airport?


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    Thank you, as I thought. You can't remove one specific airport from the default FSX/Scenery area. Airports here are packaged in group BGLs, and one single BGL will contain your airport and a number of others. Removing this BGL will remove those other airports at the same time, and alaso cause you to loose the associated NAV data from the sim. De-compiling these BGLs to remove one airport should never be done either. Jon's suggestion is the best for what you are looking to do.
    (Anyone with a correction on this next point, correct me if I'm wrong but...) FSX will consider BGLs in the Flight Sim X\Scenery folder first, then all scenery in the Scenery Library, in order of their priority in the library list. You can actually set your Addon Scenery folder to be set to a higher priority than other installed scenery or scenery areas, but generally BGLs located in FSX\Scenery will be loaded first and their data will impact this display of all subsequent scenery.

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    Pretty sure that this is not an issue after 4 + years have passed.

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