View Poll Results: Which DF aircraft should we bring into FSX first?

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  • Beech A36

    54 58.70%
  • Piper Archer III

    38 41.30%
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Thread: POLL: Which DF aircraft should we bring into FSX first?

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    Wink Re:POLL: Which DF aircraft Should we....

    A36 followed by Archer lll.

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    You can take my order now for the FSX B-58!!! B42L8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou_Betti View Post
    As we begin to bring products into FSX we have some decisions to make as to the order of releases. So this simple poll might help us. Indeed the Dakota will be first for FSX, but after that I have to decide which of these two should follow. Archer III or Beech A36.

    Anything we bring into FSX will be fully SP2 / DX10 compatible. These will not be FS9 models brought into FSX.

    This poll is non-binding and as such the results may or may not be followed by DF, but we would still like your input. Thanks.
    ....................And the winner is? I'm still waiting for your magnificent B-727?

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    Don't hold your breath - this poll dates from over two years ago and Lou Betti has left the building... The 727 port is on-going I believe.


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    It's proximity to the advert for the Dakota is irrelevent. You made the mistake and as I see it, you have absolutely no comeback or reason to in anyway blame or criticize Dreamfleet.

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    You just replied to a two year old post...


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