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    Default Airport Scenery Design

    As someone who is relatively new to FlightSim I would appreciate any help. I have used AFCAD2,RWY12, TTools and Project AI to create a large fully operational International fictitious airport. I have managed to create everything except the terminal buildings. I have found that RWY12 is limited in this respect and wondered if it is possible to use another program to enable me to complete the airport.

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    I strongly recomend buying EZ-scenery by Abacus. It's about $29.95, and well worth it. I think it comes with some basic libraries to get started. Then, download all the EZ libraries you can find- they are free. EZ will also be able to use rwy12 stuff.

    If you want to keep in touch, I can help you get started with it once you buy it. Take a look at my stuff mostly on Avsim under the author name Robert Lacy.
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