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Thread: Vista 64 bit vs XP Pro 64 bit with FSX

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    Default Vista 64 bit vs XP Pro 64 bit with FSX

    Just went back to XP 64 bit after several months of using Vista 64bit. Better results using XP, smoother, 20% better frame rates and less compatiblity issues with other games. Vista seems also to constantly have Hard drive access with uses a lot of resources.. Will stick with XP until Vista gets it together,, fYI

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    Default RE: Vista 64 bit vs XP Pro 64 bit with FSX says that vista is not win ME II, as many have described it. They say it's not that bad, it is more like win 95 II, new program, quirky, royal pain in the neck to get drivers working. Then they said that Win 98 was what what 95 was supposed to be like. More stable, easier to use easier to get drivers working. 98 got really polished with 98se which is an os I use a lot. I use 98. se, and me.

    Any way, says that they think that win "Vienna" or they call it now "Seven" that's going to be released in 2010 is supposed to be what Vista was supposed to be. The problems should be all ironed out and it'll work right.

    The only thing I worry about is what further big brother programming are they going to have in win "Seven", and whether it's going to be innundated with advertisements, and worst of all there have been rumors that it might be pay as you go software. This is just speculation, but if they do have pay as you go software w/ win Seven and their other products, I'm wondering if this is what activation programming has been all about, if you don't pay your monthly MS bill, then that activation programming kicks in and shuts down the MS products if you haven't paid your monthly MS bill.

    The better performance you got with xp is what most people have found also.

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