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Thread: FSX Third Party Planes

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    Default FSX Third Party Planes

    Why is it that no one seems to be producing any 3rd party planes for FSX, there a very few free ones for the amount of time FSX has been out. Pay planes seem to be non existent, is there a hold up because of Ms??? I have a few pay AC for FS9, but they won't work in FSX.

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes


    There are many factors involved:

    1. Much of FSX is new in this area.
    2. Performance issues in the released version.
    3. Perceived Market size.
    4. The fact that it is not simple to convert FS9 planes to FSX.
    5. The development of SP1 which may add things.

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    Maule 420, I don't even try to keep up with all the add-ons available, but I have a Cessna 152 and 172R, a B-25, Piper PA-28 and PA-38, Piper Panther, Seneca V, Navajo and Saratoga II, a Decathlon, Socata Trinidad, Marchetti SF260, Beaver DHC2, CH-47D, Bell 430, Schweitzer 300 and an S70B Blackhawk on my system today, all FSX models, some freeware and some payware. More are probably out there that I don't even know about (I've been more or less out of touch for several weeks due to work). That ain't a shabby choice, my friend. Jack

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    Well having a fast system I guess I didn't notice it as much as other users might, but from what I now hear, most guys are waiting for the FX SP1 thats due out soon, and hoping this fixes a lot of performance problesm in FS. I have notice the FX isnt as smooth as FS9. I used to have around 75 fps in FS9, and witha lot of settings cranked up, I'm only getting a lousey 15 fps with FX.

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    -You can get payware addons at and

    -You can get freeware addons at and


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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    >Why is it that no one seems to be producing any 3rd party
    >planes for FSX, there a very few free ones for the amount of
    >time FSX has been out. Pay planes seem to be non existent, is
    >there a hold up because of Ms??? I have a few pay AC for FS9,
    >but they won't work in FSX.

    Gosh how dare us developers not release something for you sooner!

    Maybe you should develop your own? Come to think of it, why haven't you developed and released one? After all this time FSX has been out and you have not released a creation of your own for us?

    Could it be that it takes thousands of dollars for the professional software required? No, given your spoiled attitude money is no object. Perhaps it is the thousands of hours of dedication necessary to learn, create and develop something as complex as a FS aircraft.

    Instead of complaining, perhaps you should try building your own.


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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    Hello Kendell:

    Obviously, there are more hoops to jump through than ever before. IMHO it is nearing the time that I fear we may have to face the fact that some of them may never be jumped through. If you think that you and I are frustrated, I'll bet we don't touch the frustration of some developers.

    I too anxiously await the first of the heavy aircraft and business Jets that will hopefully be equal to those in the past by Dreamfleet, LDS, PMDG, FSD, Eaglesoft and others. There are freeware versions I also severely miss like the Gulfstream V and Falcon 50 (due to incompatible panels). My fear is that the requirements of FSX for development may be such that some drop out of business.

    To Patrick I would say (and I think you already know this) that the reason many of us don't develope something ourselves is that most of us don't have your knowledge, talent, time, (nor hopefully quite as short a fuse). The fact that you, the experienced developers have a few new problems to solve makes it even less likely that the rest of us could solve them. If you are puzzled and frustrated, what chance would we ignorant souls have starting from scratch. (Of course, not knowing it can't be done sometimes is an asset too I guess).

    I greatly appreciate developer's contributions both freeware and payware and greatly admire your gift. Thank you developers, and please forgive we the users impatience. I can only imagine your frustration with what must be required especially with FSX and hope that was the motivation for the outburst as I am sure that Kendell did not mean to offend you in any way (nor do I).

    Happy flying:

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    There are many reasons for the seemingly long delay in new, FSX compliant projects, but consider that it is extremently difficult - NAY! - impossible to develop content for what is effectively a constantly moving target!

    First of all, FSX is "only" six months old. Professional quality aircraft and scenery for FS9 didn't start appearing until twelve months after release of FS9, and the most complex until TWO YEARS after FS9's release...

    Secondly, FSX itself isn't fully "mature" yet, and the potential for radical changes being introduced by the forthcoming SP1 are still holding many developers back.

    Further complicating the mix of variables is the release of Vista, which has introduced a veritable horn-of-plenty full of new problems, issues, and challenges... I said, it's not possible to develop for a constatntly moving target... ;)
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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    Well your so full of crap, Gmax is free with FS, and FSDS isn't thousnads of dollars. I've been to busy with clan playing FPS games. I created several planes for FS, just been a couple of versions ago.

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    Default RE: FSX Third Party Planes

    ah, the usual troll behaviour.

    Post something he knows is a lie and then start spouting abusive language when people call him on it...

    Can someone ban this kid?

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