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Thread: Starting the Maule

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    I fly a Maule in real life, not in the sim. I have to prime it 3 times. If I don't, it will not start. So if your sim panel for the Maule has a Primer, you might want to include that in your startup procedure. Also (in real life) the throttle should only be in a little bit. More than a quarter inch, and you won't get a turnover. Don't know if that'll help in the sim. Good luck!

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    I tried this technique and it did not work, but I was still adamant. I decided to instead of starting it through the 2d cockpit, I would instead start it in the VC. While holding down start did not work in the 2d cockpit holding it down in the VC did, and I am overjoyed. It is awesome that a solution has finally been reached by jimrooney and "perfected" by me. Hope this helps other people so they don't go through the annoyance and defeat of starting up with ctrl-e.

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    This thread reminds me of the film "Frequency". Thenks to you all, this helped me a lot in 2018. Great stock plane, the only stock I fly.

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    This is what I did to get the Maule to start manually. Everything you guys said plus this:

    1. Go into the Maule aircraft.cfg file
    2. Scroll down to the section [piston_engine]
    3. Look for the line that says: normalized_starter_torque= 0.3
    4. Increase the torque to 0.4

    You can play with that setting but I found 0.35 was not enough.
    It starts first try for me with the setting at 0.4
    Thank you,

    ASUS CG8350; Intel i7 2600 3.4 GHz/3.8 GHz Boost; 8 GB DDR3 Memory; System BUS 1350 MHz; 8 MB L3 cache;
    NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560Ti 1GB GDDR5; Windows 7 Home Premium x64; Thermaltake 850-Watt Power Supply

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