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Thread: World Air Routes Videos

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    EyeBall Guest

    Default World Air Routes Videos

    Hey Fellows are the World Air Routes Videos any good? Because I wanna Buy a Few

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    EyeBall Guest

    Default RE: World Air Routes Videos


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    Default RE: World Air Routes Videos

    Hi there
    I have two Air Routes Videos (Dash8 and klm fokker100/70),and i think they are both very good,they take you right into the cockpit and you can see what the pilots do all the way thought the flight,it even sometime shows the cabin,and also goes outside the aircraft while on the ground,and has a look round it.They are very high standard video`s.I am hoping to get more soon.Just try one and see what i mean.

    capt Holmes(klm 147)

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    EyeBall Guest

    Default RE: World Air Routes Videos

    yeah im going to get a 737 one, thanks for your response

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    they're cool

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    I've got 3 dvd's

    Continental Express-atr42
    Buddha/Yeti-beech 1900d, embraer 120, twin otter

    There all real good, lots of cockpit stuff, lookin' out windows, lots and lots of t/o's and landings........


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    I have a total of about 20-30 of the Just Planes Flight In The Cockpit series, the airport series, and several of the World Airroutes series. They are all great with the latest ones being of even better video quality.(I think they are all now digitally recorded.) All the latest releases seem to be on DVD. I have the two Tahiti ones, the Continental ATR 42, and the latest Las Vegas/Grand Canyon one. All are excellent. If you want some great views of San Francisco all the way down to LA, I reccommend the CityBird 767 one. Enjoy!
    Tom :-wave

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    EyeBall Guest

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    well I ordered the sobelair 734/767 video...about how long does it take to arrive by ground since I ordered today?

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    Usually about 3 to 5 working days. I normally get it 3 day ground. I've made the mistake of ordering them with weeks with a holiday in them. I'd give it roughly 4 days UPS Ground if you are in the US. It comes out of Boston.

    I have a good selection of their videos including the 2 Sobelairs you mentioned. I hope to order the UA 777 when it comes out in a couple of days.


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    EyeBall Guest

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-14-02 AT 01:06AM (EDT)[/font][p]this is my first order so if everthing comes out ok then i will order the B777 one. By the way is that Sobelair 734/767 flying out of Brussels good? By good I mean do you hear the ATC conversations? Do the pilots explain whats going on? ...and so on. And also I didn't get an E-mail conformation of my order or a way of tracking my that normal? Of course I only got the invoice and thats it.

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