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    I guess many of us will be upgrading to a new PC as soon as the new breed arrives (especially now the FSX is here and is so demanding) so with this MS activation thing how will activating on a new computer be handled by microsoft as they may think you have shared it or will they go on IP address numbers.

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    You will be able to install it on a new PC, but not a limitless number of times.
    Ditto, if you replace major components you may need to reactivate it (that effectively means a new CPU or motherboard if it works like XP activation).

    XP activation (and there's no reason to assume this works any different in principle) does not send any specifics about your PC to Microsoft.
    Rather the information is gathered by the activation system based and encrypted using a one-way encryption system.
    That yields a string which is sent over (and stored somewhere locally). Only when that string changes in more than a set number of positions is reactivation required.
    Different hardware components have different weights in that string. For example if the string is 500 characters the motherboard may have 100 positions, but the videocard maybe only 10.

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