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    I'm interested in building a new "Super Hornet.air" file for my F/A-18E Super Hornet.

    I suspect that the problem I have with no landing light seen from the cockpit view has to do with an omission in the .air file.

    The file is not XML, so when I open it with a text editor all I see is gobbledy-gook.

    I think I would need a compiler, correct? Where would I get that? Then, of course, I would have to write the code, and I would have to learn how to do that.

    Could one of you fellow flightsimmers give me some information on where to start? I'd sure appreciate it.


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    No. "Landing Lights" are a modeled object in the .mdl file, and are textured with a special Material that is applied dynamically by the sim at run time. In the .mdl file, this Material is named: "LIGHT LAND."

    Only the original modeler (or anyone with the .max or .gmax file) can add the missing object(s) to the .mdl file.

    As for .air files, they are encoded. Use a freeware program named AirEd to open and edit the file.
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