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Thread: FS AOM Doesn't work

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    Default FS AOM Doesn't work

    Well I downloaded this programme and purchased registration as it looked quite promising. All fires up okay however, despite getting a list of aircraft in the left panel, the next panel just contains a folder named 'ALL' and I don't get a preview picture of the aircraft.
    I can't see aircraft. I can't load aircraft. I tried downloading an auto instal a/c but that doesn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that doesn't work. I've tried contacting Manfred but that doesn't work. I've asked for a refund but that doesn't work.
    The start up sound is quite amusing. Reminds me of how this programme works
    I think this is a case of Man Fled.
    Anyone had similar experiences? Or is it just me?
    Maybe someone could shed a bit of light please.

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    This is a new member simflyerone, I don't have your answer but, I have almost the very same problem. I start up the program and within 10 seconds the whole program freezes, and I have to reset my pc just to get it off the screen. I'm looking all over this forum for some advice but, no such luck. I'm sorry Chips. Let me know if you get the right help.

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    Windows 7, like Vista, has two hard drive locations. Check the path to your Microsoft Games/FS**files to see if the AOM is directed to the same path.
    One is an administrator only and the other is common.
    You can check it by going to computer/(C). Notice that you have two Porgram files. One that says Program Files, common to all users, and one that is Program Files(86x). If your FS is in Programs Files(86x) you may have to run AOM as administrator. When running the addon right click the mouse and choose the "Run as Administrator" option. I don't use AOM but have several programs which I have to do this.

    I hope this helps.
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    I posted this in a different area of the forum. I have problem with AOM. I cant get the the aircraft that I want to fly to show up in the base flight file where it says previous flight and previous weather .. What am I doing wrong there. Please help. Thanks

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