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Thread: Welcome to the FS-AOM Forum at

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    Default RE: Welcome to the FS-AOM Forum at

    This is not a FSAOM fault, it's your HDD that needs attention.

    Windows is your operating system and says what you can or cant do.

    Have you tried maintenance, defrag and disk clean up at all?

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    Default RE: FSAddonMgr_V365_Upd.exe

    Hi everyone:

    My first post hear, and first little problem in 3 years running AOM. I am a Registered user, with v. running and work Ok. Today just got a message to Update my installed v. to v.3.65
    I had no problems on the download, and install, but when AOM restarted, and after a reboot, the virison is still v.
    I went to the AOM file tree to check the installed v. of the ext. file, it has not been updated, so i just reran the setup installer for the new virision , and bingo. no problem on package install, its just i still see the old virison in the file folder and whenit reopens its still the old virision.

    Any advice out there,:D


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    I hope you and your family are well. I had a hard disk failure and I cannot find my registration number.

    Rich Dunne
    [email protected]

    I hope there is a way for you to trace my subscription and help me restore your wonderful program. I need my unlock key if that is possible.

    Thank you and God bless you and yours.

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    Default RE: FSAddonMgr_V365_Upd.exe

    sorry on long reply and update,

    No problem with the AOM It is running goon with the new update, It was me forgetting about AOM is Not set up to work in FSX :P, AND I had taken FS9 off the system when I installed FSX back in Nov. of 06,

    I only reinstall fs9 last month so that I can fly online with one of the 3 VA's I fly for, ther Live flight map using Flight sim Flight Keeper app. still has not been upgraded to run on FSX yet. So after the reinstall of fs9 AOM poped up asking to Install the new virision, Great , works like a charm

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    Hi Manfred,

    I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and in good spirits. I have enjoyed your remarkable program since 2005 and have sent 40 people to your site. None have complained, however one unfortunately passed away. During a disaster i lost all of the information on my HDD. That will never happen again! I had a collection of downloads that was ireplacable except for your service and many hours of work. I now have the version that is limited to 5 & 10 ( ? ) downloads. I am wondering if it is not a very difficult or time consuming task to e-mail to me my original unlock key or for that matter a new key. This is truly my fault and I would be loathe to buy one from a bootlegger. If possible and it meets with your established policy please forward to me a copy as I am lost with out it.

    [email protected]

    God bless you and your family forever.

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    Default RE: Welcome to the FS-AOM Forum at

    FsAOM user sence july 2005

    SORRY for using this post space to get someone to take alook at a problem I have been haveing of a little over 4.5 months, and no replys, from the auther of the AOM, not a word from support team notheing, I have been reading everything hear in the forums. and I seem To be in Good hands, Cause the AOM Is still working whithout andy problems at all. So maybe I ought to just Keep the old virsion alone and stop trying to update the file. :)
    I see that a lot of YOU out there are in Bad shape and can't run the program at all, Now that is ashame. It's a Great app to have When working.

    Anyway Hear is the error I get: It seems that Window will not let me or the Installer deleat the file --- AddonMgr.exe, yet I have taken off the Read 0nly check went into the security section of windows, gave premission to Aom to make changes, set the Firewall to allow AOM accass and applied it ot the entire folder of AOM .
    And back a month ago. I did a complet Clean Reinstall of AOM, and am back at the same little Bug, Windows or something Will not allow the Delestion of the AddonMgr.exe Ok I say again MY old copy of AOM is and Has been working whithout any problems, I just would like to know How to get the installer to deleate the Old copy of the... "AddonMgr.exe"

    Thanks for the Eare full frim Me :) and Good flying...

    still haveing problems : installing [ FS Addon Manager UPDATE ONLY v3.65.0961 ]

    Error Deleting File : AddonMgr.exe FSAddon Manager Manfred Murer Accessis denied. and File is NOT Write - Protected

    I have been trying to update my version for the past 4.5 months and have still not had any contact forom the auther via skype or direct or on the forums HELP Please

    MY VERSION : 3.61.0959

    NEW VERSION: 3.65.0961

    SERIAL # AOMxxxx-xxxxxxxxx
    REGISTERED TO: xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxx


    Delta Sigma Phi ΔΣΦ

    Better Men, Better Lives

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    Default RE: Welcome to the FS-AOM Forum at

    Aaaahh I think I found the little misshap. in the File virsion, the origin source Revision number and Product version was not changed. I have checked the two fliles. All Three: ie: the origel V3.61.0959, and the UPdate v3.65.0961, and the Full install v3.65.0961 All carry the same file name and Version inside the Properties list. And the only names and flles numbers that are deferent are only shown on the Webb download page and installer sheld file info. I have checked this out by doing installs and rechecking the contents of each new folder, Yes the Updates do take NO Problems, only thing is We will still see the old Version number. but the contents was updated in the cfg. table :)

    I also took care of the dumb locked .exe on fresh install I made shure to UN check read only right after the new installment.
    Also just to make shure the NEW AddonMgr.exe was put in I unenstalled the old one first to a safe folder.

    Delta Sigma Phi ΔΣΦ

    Better Men, Better Lives

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    Default AOM and

    Guys, I know that no one can contact Manfred. Family problem or illness I think but one of you may have an answer to why I get a browser error screen when I try to use auto download of an AOM flagged file.

    I had the problem long ago and Manfred told me how to correct it but the answer has long since been lost.

    Can anyone help?

    Secondly some have trouble with registration and updating the version number. If anyone does I still have his response on that problem.


  9. Default No Help from FS-AOM

    Back on April 12, 2008, I purchased on-line FS-AOM. If you know the drill you pay up front with a credit card. I did that and waited for the download to begin. I got a message back about receiving further information regarding my registration number and product key number. A half-hour later, I received an email with directions on how to unlock my download. Right then and there, I knew I was in trouble...never got the download. Since that time I have repeatedly tried to contact Manfred and I get lots of computer generated automatic replies from Plimus and I have kept bugging them asking them or Manfred to please help me get my download. I am certainly not going back and order again and end up paying double and taking the chance of not getting the program again without some help. It seems pretty easy to me that someone somewhere can guide me on how to get my download or email me the program so I can unlock the darn thing.

    My last attempt was made through and this time, I was so fed up I just asked for a refund. I got a reply on June 9, 2008 that was a copy of an email to Manfred that said,

    "We have received the following inquiry in regards to reference number xxxxxxxxx. Attempts to reach you regarding this issue have been unsuccessful and the customer has not received any response from you.

    We request that you respond to this issue and CC us on your reply to the customer within 2 business days.

    If we do not hear back from you, we will assist the customer directly by making the refund on your behalf."

    Well, so far folks, not a peep out of Manfred, but I am still hoping Plimus will contact me before the week is out.

    If anyone out there has some suggestions to either get my download or some inside phone numbers so I can talk to a person, I would appreciate it!

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    He's on 'Skype'. Try him on there?

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