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Thread: Flexing wings

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    Default Flexing wings

    Is that true that SGA DC-10 models come with flexing wings?

    Cos I don't get them to flex.

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    It was actually the first aircraft to have XML coded wingflex...ever.

    This is a fact that's slightly irritating as we never really get credit for it (Fraser in particular, there wasn't even an FS2004 MakeMDL yet so it had to be programmed in manually), but I digress.

    You're probably using an old model. Make sure whatever download you are using is from 2004/5 or later, and if you're using FS2002, it won't work.
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    Thanks Eric.

    Never thought a celebrity modeler himself answered my query, it is an honor.

    I'll be looking out for the updated models.

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    U really are a true professional modeler arent u? Nice job! I have alot of aircraft that was done by u. They fly great. Any planes to make a Embraer 170/175 in the future or no?

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