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Thread: Lee Hetherington's DF737 Merge For FS2002

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    Default Lee Hetherington's DF737 Merge For FS2002

    I recently acquired a second computer (used) on which I've installed FS2002. Does anyone still have a copy of Lee Hetherington's Dreamfleet 737/Default 737 merge lying around? I've searched the net and the forums, and all the links to it are no longer valid. I emailed Lee and he can't find a copy either. If anyone has it, I'd sure appreciate if you could email it to me. He had distributed it in a "Zip" file. If I can come up with a copy, Lee asked me to send a copy to him too, for archival purposes.

    Thanks, in advance.

    Loren Cole
    Snohomish Washington USA
    Email: [email protected]
    Mom & Dad - Winter '50-'51

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    Default RE: Lee Hetherington's DF737 Merge For FS2002

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in the DF737 anymore, although I realize that most people no longer use FS2000 and FS2002.

    At any rate, I did come up with a copy of Lee's merge, kindly sent by Michael C. Heyer, of Hamburg, Germany. It's available via email from me if anyone wants to try it.

    Although the default 737 is kind of ugly compared to DreamFleet's model, the merge really does help with (external) framerates, for those with marginal computing horsepower.


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    Default RE: Lee Hetherington's DF737 Merge For FS2002

    There is great interest in df737, in fact its the best add-on of all times perhaps only being surpassed last year by df727.

    The reason for the "apparent" lack of interest is that most simmers are not advanced users of computers when changing cfgs, gauges and panel settings. The merges are complicated for many, so they end up leaving it, and the developpers dont seem to incentivate the merge, nor they come up with updates.

    I have used the df737 in fs9 and managed now to use it in FSX, making some changes like deleting the FMC and flying with the typical 737-200 adi and hsi.

    Still, the official word is that its a fs2000 add-on.
    But for those who persist, its fs2002, fs2004 and FSX and still flying...

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