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Thread: Why nou a simple update?

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    Default Why nou a simple update?

    Guys it will be really great to have the DF 737 with all his features in FS9.

    Since it seems there is no new 737 coming from you why don't you guys just update it as it is: no VC, same visual model.

    I think a lot of people will be happy to pay for such an update.

    The DF 737 is a bit like the Concorde: "we used to fly to America in 4 hrs a while ago". For the DF737 it would go "we used to have a great 737 a while ago".

    Such a shame.

    Somebody put something in my jet fuel

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    Default RE: Why nou a simple update?

    Yeah..I miss it too...been a long time since I was flying it :-(

    It had the best panellightning ever seen even until today...

    Just imagine, the old panel with updated gauges...Nothing more needed :-)

    So please Dreamfleet : PIMP OUR 737!!!!

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