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    Greg Goodavish Guest

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    I downloaded the CIVA INS installer package for the Dreamfleet 727. It shows up next to the weather radar on the VC view, but in 2D view, when I bring up the weather radar, it is not attached. Is this correct? I like programming the CIVA INS in 2D view, as the numbers, etc. are easier to read. I do have CIVA INS installed, as I use it for the SSTSIM Concorde as well.

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    I've no idea what window the INS is attached to, though I'd have thought it'd be the throttle pedestal or even on it's own, where do the instructions say it is? You might need to contact the author. Does the installer intall to all panels or just certain ones?

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Greg Goodavish Guest

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    I found it. It is the blank icon on the icon panel. Works great now!

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    Where did you find this installer? Are their others for other aircraft?


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    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Oh...BTW...Thanks for the link, Paul. (Sheesh...too many forums...not enough time!).


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    About bloody time.........I sometimes wonder why I bother!

    Just joking ;-)

    Now what could we put in the FSX 727 I wonder?

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Well, maybe the PMS (Parformance Management System)? This is used to present the most economical operating conditions for the aircraft. It can control the FD and be coupled to the AP and A/T, though I would prefer not to see the A/T in the 727.

    The PMS can function independantly of having A/T installed. Another feature of the PMS is altitude capture.

    The CDU looks a lot like the old LORAN heads and the installed indicator is a 3" digital guage with multiple readouts of EPR limit, EPR Target, engine being monitored, etc.

    In addition to driving the FD, it will also display the correct pitch based on speed during flap extension during approach and provides for a fixed 10 degree pitch-up in TOGA mode. It will also display the flap extension and retraction schedule based on provided data.

    The PMS will provide optimum speed and EPR for all phases of flight based on the data that is entered. It is not manditory that it be used and the aircraft flies just fine without it, but for the hardcore guys like me it would be a welcome addition.

    Just something to think about.

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