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Thread: CD version?

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    Default CD version?

    Any idea when the CD version will be available?


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    Depends where you are from...but Aerosoft and SimWare state it will be out on March, 6th!!

    After waiting for over two years I almost gave up...but hey, who knows it´s four more days ;-)

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    Default RE: CD version?

    Last I heard was that they were being delivered on Tuesday 28th, which ties in with the Mar 6th date you have.

    No doubt there'll be something announced by F1 in a day or so.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    The 727 CD version is at for everyone in UK / Europe !


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    Default RE: CD version?

    By the way the cd version is version 2 right? I was trying to understand wny its been rereleased on March 21st. Is there a service pack for version 2 already?
    Regards, Django EGLL.

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    The CD is version 2 plus a few minor fixes, the only one of which has been spotted outside of the beta team being an engine gauge display failure for some European users. The CD also includes both official repaint packs i.e. almost 70 repaints in total.

    An update for download users will be out shortly, though as I said, you won't see anything different.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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