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Thread: Service Pack

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    Default Service Pack

    This topic serves to list items we will be addressing in a forthcoming Service Pack. Please note the primary purpose of the Service Pack is to address minor issues, not add or change product features. The development team will progressively add items to this list, so don't be alarmed if a confirmed issue you reported is not on the list; we'll let you know when we place a hold point on the list.

    Please feel free to make suggestions on things you would like to see included in the 727 and/or improvements you think we could make to existing features but we can't promise those suggestions will be incorporated in any Service Pack.

    What we do promise is that your suggestions will be read by the development team and considered for future versions of the 727, if not the current version.

    Thanks for all your feedback on the product so far.

    727 Development Team.

    Item 1: Efis panel cfg files amended to correctly reference the low oil pressure warning lights gauge;

    Item 2: Feature added to enable user to choose whether or not existing panel settings are saved on exit;

    Item 3: TBA

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    Default RE: Service Pack

    Can we get this update list..well er..updated? :)

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    Default RE: Service Pack

    Da** it...and I just thought this topic has been updated by the team x(

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    Default RE: Service Pack

    Sorry :D

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    Default RE: Service Pack

    Got me too :-(


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    Default RE: Service Pack

    Mr. Golding mentioned that the VC yokes will be removable.

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    Default RE: Service Pack -taxi lights

    As quite a few users have commented on this, and because when the taxi light is used on its own, it really is a bit on the dim side, all the new aircraft models will feature an improved taxi light.

    I'll add more info on the changes and additions to the package over the next week or so.
    Below are pic's of:

    1)no taxi light

    2)the current taxi light

    3)the new taxi light


    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Default RE: Service Pack - the new mdl's

    Nearly the end of the road!!!

    While we wait for the gauges, Paul S has been creating the final mdl
    files so they all include the added and amended parts that have been worked on. The final line up will be:

    727-100 passenger
    727-100 freighter
    727-100 (RE) (WL) Super 27 passenger (-217 pod engines and winglets)
    727-100 (RE) (WL) Super 27 freighter (-217 pod engines and winglets) - OK I can't find one of these in use so it could be fantasy!
    727-200 passenger
    727-200 freighter
    727-200 (RE) (WL) Super 27 passenger (-217 pod engines and winglets)
    727-200 (RE) (WL) Super 27 freighter (-217 pod engines and winglets)

    As an added bonus because he was on a bit of roll, Paul S has also
    added the 727-200 (HK) (WL), this using the FedEx type hushkit as opposed the normal full hushkit plus winglets..............good for the likes of the latest PanAm 727s and other operators that have gone for the bit of extra mileage that winglets give and without spending heaps on a couple of new engines.

    Just to complicate things, each mdl is created as a no vc (with wing views) mdl, analogue vc and efis vc. I didn't add it up, but that's a lot of possible combinations t give the setup you want!!!

    More to come very soon.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Default RE: Service Pack - the new mdl's

    Oh boy!

    727 with winglets! Can't wait! :D

    Paul, what about that TCAS online problem? Is it solved?

    P. S. While the update is still under work, can you start painting this livery now for the winglets version?

    Pleeeassseee! ;)

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    redstar1 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack - the new mdl's

    Whoooohoooo winglets....drooooooool :)

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