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Thread: Current/proposed repaint List

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    Default RE: Current/proposed repaint List


    I guess I should have made my PSA clear...I like the more orange one, rather then the pink is a link..

    Also Western in this scheme:

    And lastly...who can forget the "Top Bannana in the West"

    Excellent...these are all -200 requests...

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    As for the wing textures, that Text-O-Matic copies the default textures to the new texture.livery folder what I did is as follows.

    I cropped the wing textures to the 1024 x 1024 resolution and then created the left and right wing textures separately. Then save them as bmp and then with Image tool I converted them to DTX3 with alpha channel for the reflections.

    Over write the default wing textures generated by text o matic and voila!!!

    It works great.

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    I'd like to see one of Delta's in the old widget colors like this one

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    >Can we get PSA?

    I'd like to second that motion.

    Especially if it is a -100 Series!



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    >The wingroot gash is a mdl issue and has been fixed for the
    >update. Also, we've tracked down the cause of the fuselage
    >'rings' seen by a few when looking from acute angles.


    Great job Pauls (plural form of Paul :-lol) and the rest of the DF Team.

    Can't wait, and keep up the great work. You guys have done/are doing an amazing job.

    I noticed that the wing root model error had a vertical cut in the fuselage extended from it (the rear of the error. i.e., the arrow on the right of one of my screenshots). Was that one of the causes, Paul?

    This aircraft gets better and better!



  6. Default Some Aussie one's would be nice?

    G'day All,

    Sure would be nice to be able to slap some Aussie liveries on this wonderful aircraft.

    Currently we have a few freighters flying here,Australian Air Express operate 4 or 5 of them, there is DHL machine with Aussie rego VH-DHE.

    And course the old Ansett-ana then,Ansett,Airlines of Australia and who can forget TAA, Trans Australia Airlines?

    And we cannot forget our Kiwi cousins and the Royal New Zealand Airfoce B721....What an air display that puts on at airshows,the smoke....The noise....Awesome.

    Would be forever gratfull for just one of these.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Gregory Free

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    Anghelo IbaŮez, has created three wonderful textures of the Lloyd Aereo Boliviano.

    The brand new company livery for a -200 passenger. The "Ekeko" which is the only -200 Cargo that the company has a this point and a -100 passenger, painted in the original "Classic" colours of the company. They can be found in AVSIM.


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    Hello MR.Paul
    It's very good.Who is repaint the aircraft.
    Pls. including this aircraft to your lists.
    Munur Soyer
    [email protected]

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    Now the original Mexicana scheme.

    A classic in the mexican skies.

    Check out the metal.

    Now available at flightsim.

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