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Thread: *** read the 727 faq before posting here ***

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    Default *** read the 727 faq before posting here ***

    Link to the 727 FAQ Forum

    This read-only forum will contain most of the frequently asked questions we come across at this support forum. Obviously, if you do not see the answer you are looking for there, feel free to post your question here.

    DreamFleet 727 Development Team
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    Lou Betti

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    Smile Tuning the ADF

    I am unable the tune the ADF most of the time. I have used the Captainsim and the Richard Probst panels in the past and tune those every time without prob.

    Is there some secret to the dreamfleet panel. Perhaps I am missing a step. I have tried tuning, selecting ANT, and the back to ADF, BFO on/off with no result. Yet occasionlly, it will work fine. Can you give me some advise please



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    Default Adf

    Thanks Paul -

    I've tried all that with the exception of using the config manager (which tells me that I'm unlicensed to use this product....even though it installed with the purchased 727 and placed the icon on the desktop) is that usual ? does it require a separate registration ?

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    As may have seen from doing a forum search, there is no problem with the ADF, aside from how you're using it..........don't take that the wrong way, I'm not having a go.

    Is this a CD or download install? Config manager has failed because of either moving files around, or maybe a conflict with another F1 add-on.

    Are you using XP or Vista? Have you tried uninstall/reinstall? Have you tried searching the forums both here and at Flight1?


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    Paul (or Lou),

    The link to the FAQ in the first post in this thread seems to be broken, it's just pointing to the index to all forums.


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    Thanks Gary, should be ok now.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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