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Thread: DC-8 Panel Preview-updated!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndetrick View Post
    The window frame for the center windshield should not be canted like that. That panel looks good. Almost real.
    Which view are you referring to John? Actually, the same comment applies to the EPR gauges post as well.



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    Any chance of current screenshots/etc? Please, if you have time, or any sitting around 8)

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    Paul, the first screenshot in this thread, of the captains side. The windshield frame on the right is canted inwards. The perspective is all wrong. I would either straighten it to vertical or remove it. I'll try to photograph the real cockpit this evening and try to duplicate what I think you're trying to do. I'll email the photo later. John

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    Hi John (you are of course correct), that view is the horrible "FS" style view (to be nice I could call the FE view) so that users can see both the primary and engine instruments and is possibly not even going to be used. The second one (and the flipped to left side equivalent) are the correct normal views and as you can see, the pillar perspective (which is correct for the left or right seat view) has been reused for the FE view.

    Here's a couple of shots from the sim I used for a lot of the cockpit photos that show how the centre pillars look from different perspectives...........and yes, if I do include the FE view, the pillars need changing. I still can't get over how obtrusive that left pillar is when sitting on the seat. I know you can move your head around to see past it, but that's not much use with a 2d panel in FS! Maybe doing more of a zoomed in landing view to simulate moving your head forward to remove the side pillar would work? Mind you, that would loose all the instruments and only be any good for the last few 100 feet at best, so not a lot of use really!

    Hopefully, it won't be too long before some exterior pics can be shown, though even with all those exterior photographs you've done for me John, the master textures are proving to be a lot more of a drawn out process than I expected!

    These are reduced down from around 3500 pixels to 800.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I've just viewed the photo's you posted of the reference photos. It appears to me that you may have a photo of a 50 series or even a 61 series. The blue start switch buttons on the forward overhead console are not used by the later variants of the 8. Also the green trim band on the center pedestal is not there. We had one airplane that did have the green markings and I think it was a 61 series.

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    It was a 63 John, sadly now somewhere in Africa, formerly at MK and prior to that SAS.

    I also have photos of the 55 cockpit, but I doubt I'll use them unless there's the demand for a seperate project. Just getting one finished will an acheivement!


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    Hi Paul. I have not been on here in a while......the DC8 project is still going, right?!?
    If you need any help in any way, I will try to be of service. I so want the DF DC8 for our CP Air fleet. Thanks.


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    And updates on the DC8?

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