[font color = black]DreamFleet is currently expanding its programming operations, and is seeking individuals to join our programming staff.

Qualified individuals must possess the following:

** C/C++ programming experience with proven track record working with the Microsoft Panel and Gauge SDK.

** Appreciation of when not to use Object Oriented Programming.

** Desire to be a member of a talented, motivated, passionate team.

** Ability to analyze situations and assist in providing strategic direction for the team

** Ability to work within schedule constraints.

** Ability to schedule one's own tasks realistically.

** Sufficient written and oral communication skills in the English language.

** Self-starter - with the ability to work productively with minimum supervision

** Exceptional problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
Ability to remain current on all aspects of cutting edge programming as it relates to the video game industry.

** Experience using the Visual Studio development environment a plus.

** Experience programming gauges in XML is a plus.

** Experience working with graphics programs such as Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro is a plus.

** An avid gamer / flight simmer with a passion for creating great products.

Interested and qualified individuals only should contact DreamFleet's Louis Betti at: [email protected] Complete details will be provided at that time, and all correspondence will be kept in strictest confidence.

Please, no e-mail to me unless you are interested and qualified. Thanks [/font color = black] :-)

[font size=1][font color=blue]Can you pilot a plane, instead of programming an FMC to do it for you?[/font color= blue][/font size=1]