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Thread: 727 liveries - you choose

  1. Default 727 liveries - you choose

    As we get nearer to the closing stages, it's a chance for forum visitors to affect the choice of liveries being done.

    We'll do our best to get as many done as we can and try to include the most popular ones in the final product, the others being available by seperate download.

    To keep things easy, please place your vote in the subject line including the model type, livery and date i.e. 727-200 cargo, TNT (1999)

    This will be a bit on the interesting side :-)

    PLEASE NOTE: I'LL NOT BE READING ANY INDIVIDUAL POSTS IN THIS THREAD, JUST LOOKING AT THE SUBJECT LINE ............. any questions should be posted in the normal way.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

  2. Default RE: Braniff/Avianca any vintage


  3. Default RE: 727 liveries - you choose

    Heres my Vote This AC is now stationed at CYXE In front of it's hub I Instaled all the doors (Overhead Doors Only)in that building you can get verry cool scernery called it shows the AC and the building


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    Default LAB - Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

    The only airline still flying its ORIGINAL -200 (and -100) bought from Boeing 30-35 years ago.


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    Default Northwest Orient and Classic Frontier


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    Default FedEx


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    Default DHL


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    Default Frontier, of course!


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