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Thread: cessna 310 & cessna 152

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    Default cessna 310 & cessna 152

    I`m new to this, I just downloaded these to aircraft and they work great FS2004 but how do you open the windows cargo holds ect...?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "Windows Cargo holds?" I'm a little confused by this, so I'll just mention all the amimations.

    The Main door is the default FS exit command, Shift+E.

    The main cargo door is opened by using the Shift+e-2 command, like many other aircraft. If you havn't done that before you press Shift+E at the same time,then release and quickly press the 2 button on the main keyboard. I metion this because sometimes it's tricky to get it to work. At times it takes me 3-4 attemps before the door opens. :+

    For the Wing lockers, you need to go into the settings->Assignments area within FS, and assign a key command to the Wing Fold command. There isn't a key command by default, so you must add one.

    For the Sun visor, again go into the Assignments area and set key command to the Tail Hook command.

    To open the Flight Case, use the Water Rudder command, which I believe defaults to Shift+W. Also remember to close the case before landing, or else FS2004 may report a crash about 20' above the runway due to FS believing there is an invisable tailhook down. Plus it's just a good idea to have everything closed and secured.

    Hope that explains it to you. And BTW, this is all explained on page 4-6 in the manual that comes with the 310. ;-)

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    thanks I found the manual I guess I should have looked closer

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